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A 15-year-old boy can beat Peter Schiff with Bitcoin


Who could doubt at this point that Bitcoin is one of the best investments of the century? And it is that, in just eleven years, the world’s first cryptocurrency has gone from being practically zero to around $ 10,000 per BTC. Thanks to this performance, Max Keizer says in the Tweet of the day that any 15-year-old boy can beat Peter Schiff as an investor using Bitcoin.

How to beat Peter Schiff with Bitcoin

For almost anyone who owns Bitcoin, the crypto asset has turned out to be quite a profitable investment. Well, it is not for nothing that the cryptocurrency has consolidated itself in this sixth month of the year, as the best performing financial asset in the world. Thus beating other products such as S&P 500 shares or gold. Which cannot be compared with the sustained growth that BTC has had.

And now, when optimism about the future of Bitcoin’s price seems to reign within the crypto market. It seems clear that anyone who decides to invest in BTC right now is doing a smart trade. Enough for, as crypto influencer Max Keizer puts it, to beat billionaire investor Peter Schiff.

A 15 year old boy can beat Peter Schiff with Bitcoin. Source:

Thus, as Keizer commented through his Twitter account, even a 15-year-old boy who decided to invest in Bitcoin could have better returns than Peter Schiff. This is thanks to what Keizer considers greater financial capacity on the part of Generation Z members who invest in BTC. Who, for Max Keizer, has an understanding of the world superior to that of classic millionaires like Schiff:

Here as Bitcoin (BTC) you can help any 15 year old boy beat Peter Schiff: Max Keizer

With this message, Keizer would only make clear something that most users of the crypto world are clear about. When it comes to long-term investments, the history, technology, and community that supports Bitcoin make cryptocurrency the best alternative available. Even so good that a 15-year-old boy can take advantage of it and get rich by investing in BTC.

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