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At least 12% of Spaniards will do their Christmas shopping in the Metaverse

12% of Spanish consumers anticipate that they will do their Christmas shopping in the Metaverse. Users plan to purchase the products in the holiday season. This figure comes from the Annual Christmas Shopping Survey, carried out by the consulting company Accenture.

The figure is conservative, since it does not consider “fully virtual environments” such as Sandbox, Horizon Worlds or Decentraland. In the qualitative aspect of purchases, clothing and footwear stand out. These goods occupy most of the Spanish Christmas budget.

The purchase options in the Metaverse have diversified, and there are currently a whole series of recognized brands using this commercial medium.

And you, would you do your Christmas shopping in the Metaverse?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle join the Metaverse

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to build their own virtual reality universe to bring their work closer to the new generations. Perhaps the decision to enter the world of the Metaverse is part of an action by Meghan and Harry with which they seek to get closer to the youngest.

The truth is, they would already be in full conversations with a technology company with which they would be interested in working and carrying out their first “land sale” in the Metaverse.

The entry of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle into the Metaverse would be a big step in the studied strategy that the couple is carrying out in order to become a brand worldwide.

As reported by the newspaper “The Mirror”, the avatars of Meghan and Harry, if they finally entered the Metaverse, could be seen in all kinds of situations. From games to business meetings, among other activities.

Koreans will have access to a Blockchain-based digital identity document in 2024

South Korea could allow its citizens to use a blockchain-based digital ID instead of physical cards starting in 2024 as the country is embracing blockchain technology.

According to an October 17 report by Bloomberg, a government plan will see digital identity documents integrated as an app on mobile devices in the future. Functioning like this, in a similar way to physical resident registration cards.

Digital identity documents are expected to go live in 2024 and some 45 million citizens will adopt the technology in two years.

Inflation in Latin America will be higher than the world average in 2023

Inflation in the countries of Latin America will register figures above the world average in 2023, with a difference of approximately eight percentage points, with 13% compared to the 5% average in the rest of the world. The data comes from the latest expectations report prepared by FocusEconomics.

Despite the fact that the study shows that inflation has begun to slow down in the third quarter of this year, the increase in prices will be higher in some regions such as Latin America, Eastern Europe or Sub-Saharan Africa, where it will also exceed 12%. .

Among the reasons for this high inflation, FocusEconomics experts highlight the following:

  • Continuity of the war in Ukraine.
  • Oil production levels of the countries of the Organization of Countries
  • Oil Exporters (OPEC).
  • Extreme weather events.

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