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Binance Academy to Launch Blockchain Accelerator


Most companies in the world have tried to continue working during the Coronavirus crisis. But few have managed to do it as successfully as Binance. And, the cryptocurrency exchange has not only not stopped due to the quarantine, it is even expanding its reach. On this occasion, the Binance Academy has launched a Blockchain accelerator in China.

Binance Academy: The Future of Binance?

Over the years, companies have learned to invest in training, research and development, to be more profitable. Well, in the long term the money put into training more capable and loyal employees to the company, and developing innovative products, is what will allow you to stay competitive in the market.

A field like Blockchain technology, where practically all the effort that is made is intellectual, this is very important. Reason why on several occasions, from the crypto world, criticisms have been raised towards the lack of specialized subjects on Blockchain in universities. After all, a more skilled workforce means more efficient and productive employees.

This seems to be the strategy that Binance is following with its Binance Academy project. The educational arm of the exchange, which seeks to spread knowledge about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies among the population. And that he recently announced the opening of a research institute in Shanghai.

The academy does not stop in China

And it is that, for Binance not even a pandemic is an excuse to stop working. Well, since the Coronavirus crisis started, the exchange has been active. He has launched new products such as his own card in partnership with Visa, and a Blockchain accelerator in China.

Thus, it has been disclosed that the Lingang Blockchain Industry and Technology Research Institute will not only operate as a think tank, but also as an accelerator for blockchain-based projects. Trying to cultivate talent in this area, which is located in China yet to be discovered by Binance or another major crypto world company.

With this move, in addition, Binance would be trying to open a path with which to return to China. After the exchange stopped operating in this country in September 2017, despite this being the company’s homeland. Which deprived the exchange of one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world.

In this way, we can verify not only the strength of the Binance Academy, that even in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis it does not stop growing and innovating. In turn, the strength and resilience of the crypto world, which in the midst of the greatest health crisis of recent times, remains active, creating innovative solutions to the problems of our time.

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