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Binance Card is already on the market


Today, there is a significant gap between traditional finance and the crypto market, which has not allowed cryptocurrencies to be massively adopted by society as a replacement for fiat money. So the new product from the world’s largest exchange, the Binance Card has the potential to start a real revolution. Which justifies the emotion for the fact that the Binance Card is already beginning to go on the market.

The importance of crypto cards

It’s hard to overstate how important a cryptocurrency-based physical debit card can be to the world of crypto assets. And it is that, until now, one of the biggest impediments for crypto assets to be adopted by the population, is the enormous difficulty it has to pay for any product using virtual currencies.

This is so, when a money transfer is made using the Bitcoin, Ethereum or other major cryptocurrency blockchain, it can take up to an hour to execute. Which means that cryptocurrencies are impractical to make purchases in our day to day, when we need the money to be transferred to the merchants account immediately or with a few seconds of difference.

And it is there that debit cards become important. Well, they serve as intermediaries to allow users to make purchases as if it were fiat money. Thus, when the owner of a card such as Binance Card uses it at a point of sale, the service provider company converts the number of cryptocurrencies necessary to cover the cost of the purchase at the current market price.

While this is happening, the company deposits the required amount of fiat money into the merchant’s account. So in practical terms, using a crypto card is as efficient as using a card loaded with fiat money. Allowing us to make our purchases with cryptocurrencies, without having any of the drawbacks of Blockchain technology.

Binance Card begins to arrive

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is great expectation within the crypto world for the launch of Binance Card, the crypto card of the Changpeng Zhao exchange. Well, the company has become synonymous with solvency and efficiency within the crypto world. What makes their products the most sought after by the community.

Binance Card is already beginning to go to market as announced by Changpeng Zhao. Source: Binance

And as Changpeng Zhao himself has commented through his account Twitter, the first Binance Cards are already being sent to their owners. So, very soon we could be seeing the cards of the exchange in action around the world.

They started shipping in limited quantities starting yesterday, I heard. #BinanceCard

In this way, with the Binance Card the crypto world takes a leap forward towards the massification of cryptocurrencies. Having anyone who wants to use crypto assets without giving up the advantages of fiat money, a means to do so. All from the hand of one of the most important companies in the entire world. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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