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Binance CEO attacks Craig Wright


Within the crypto community, the confrontation between Binance and Bitcoin SV, which led this cryptocurrency exchange to exclude BSV from its platform a few months ago, is well known. Now, this dispute would continue with Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, calling Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright a “fraud.”

The Binance-BSV dispute

Competition is something natural within the crypto market, especially due to the free nature of it. Without there being an entity that can regulate the crypto world, and therefore allowing market laws to act unimpeded in its operation. Which sometimes leads to hard disputes between sectors of the community.

One of those clashes happened recently, is the one that made Binance enemy with Bitcoin SV. And more specifically to the founder and CEO of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, and the leaders of the BSV community, Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. Leading to the exit of the exchange cryptocurrency.

Thus, on April 15 of last year, Binance announced that it would withdraw Bitcoin SV from its platform. Generating a chain reaction within the main exchanges and wallets in the world. With excluding BSV from its platform that same day, and Kraken conducting a survey among Twitter users about whether they should withdraw the cryptocurrency.

Wright’s identity

The origin of this dispute would come from Wright’s claim to present himself as the true founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Something that a Twitter user would have denied, provoking the wrath of Wright, who filed a lawsuit against this person last year. And leading Zhao to slip BSV from Binance, considering there was evidence of “unethical / fraudulent behavior.”

What has not prevented Wright from continuing to proclaim that he would be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Being skeptically received by the crypto community. Due to the lack of evidence supporting the words of the founder of Bitcoin SV.

Therefore, it is no surprise to the crypto community, that the Binance CEO published through his account of Twitter, a message in which he calls Wright a fraud. And he even recommends his followers not to invest in Bitcoin SV, because “it won’t end well.”

Tweet Changpeng Zhao towards Craig Wright

The attitude of the founder of Binance regarding Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV. They show us the amount of personal disputes that exist within the crypto community. And that directly affect all users of the crypto world, due to the importance of its consequences. What makes Zhao’s tweet our Today’s Data here on Crypto Trend.

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