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Binance, crypto experts talk about security


In the most recent article in their StaySAFU series, Binance Blog and a group of crypto experts discussed digital security. They shared a series of tips about the steps that users must follow to stay safe from digital thieves.

As is known, Bitcoin is practically impossible to violate in terms of the security of its network. Therefore, hackers will not waste time attacking the cryptocurrency network. They will go directly to the weak points of people who own digital currencies, their computers or cell phones.

A group of five experts in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies, share their advice and recommendations. Following them could save bitter experiences that, in many cases, could mean losing everything.

What do the crypto experts interviewed by Binance say?

In the latest in this six-article series, Binance and crypto experts like Jimmy Song, Jameson Lopp, and Viktor Radchenko, among others, touched on key topics.

Jimmy Song recommends the use of 2-factor authentication on every occasion. Avoiding the use of SMS, because SIM cards can be easily cloned. Meanwhile, Google Auth is the best tool.

For his part, Jameson Lopp explains three phases that must be followed. 1) Take control of your private key and withdraw the money from the Exchanges accounts. 2) Private keys must always be in offline mode, they must never remain on devices connected to the Internet. 3) Create simultaneous backups of your private key. In two words: cold wallets.

Oliver Benton recommends a key part, never share your personal information. The recommendation focuses on staying alert and always being clear that your private security is not transferable. Adrijan Scekic is more emphatic: “Take cryptocurrencies seriously, respect their value”, concludes the crypto expert cited by Binance.

Finally, Viktor Radchenko highlights the importance of being vigilant with pirated apps. “Many people think that apps have a good degree of security. But what they don’t realize is that there are numerous fake applications ”, Explain.

In this sense, it is important to verify the applications before installing them. To do this, you should not use the stores, but download them from the official website, the recommendations of Binance and crypto experts conclude.

Cold wallets are high security devices recommended by Binance and crypto experts in their digital security campaign.
The use of cold wallets is highly recommended by crypto experts interviewed by Binance Blog. Source: BlockchainServices

The importance of not trusting

Digital security is one of the hottest topics in the world of cryptocurrencies. If you are not with your eyes open, it does not matter if you are an experienced person, you can still be a victim of the deceptive tactics of hackers or other problems such as the loss of passwords.

Security issues are common, even among many renowned crypto experts, reports Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Just as there are countless scammers, there are also a variety of ways to cheat to steal. Some of them are extremely attractive and sophisticated. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to keep your eyes open and not trust.

This is the importance of this series of articles, in which Binance and crypto experts from all sectors related to digital security, share their experiences.

StaySAFU, Binance’s campaign to promote common sense of security

StaySAFU, as already highlighted, is a series of six articles, aimed at promoting the habit of staying alert. The series presented by Binance Blog and carried out in conjunction with Binance Academy consists of:

  • 8 surprising statistics about counterfeiting.
  • 5 common scams in cryptocurrencies and how to avoid them
  • 5 common attacks with social engineering and cyber attacks and how to avoid them.
  • Secure your Binance account with 7 easy steps.
  • #StaySAFU with security tips from professionals.
  • How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

Data on crypto experts interviewed at Binance

  • Jimmy Song, Bitcoin expert, developer and author of “Programming Bitcoin: Learn to Program Bitcoin from Scratch.”
  • Jameson Lopp, CTO and co-founder of CASA, a firm dedicated to the development of multisig keys.
  • Oliver Benton, expert consultant for the firm Trezor.
  • Adrijan Scekic, founder of cryptotag, a firm dedicated to creating high-tech backup and recovery devices.
  • Viktor Radchenko, founder of Trust Wallet. Binance’s official mobile wallet.

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