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Binance does not stop for Coronavirus


Binance removes FTX tokens

To start the Quick News this Monday, we find that Binance, the world’s largest exchange, is not holding back for the Coronavirus. Managing to work from home, the exchange maintains its projects and events. In this case, he decided to remove the leveraged FTX tokens from his exchange, explaining that customers don’t understand the product.

Due to a lack of understanding of how many leveraged tokens work by many of our users, Binance has decided to remove all existing FTX leveraged tokens and corresponding trading pairsThis was announced in a statement.

Binance does not stop by quarantine, as it must ensure the efficiency of its platform for users. For this reason, it will close the deposits and withdrawals of the assets tomorrow, March 31, at 8 a.m. UTC, with a break in trading at 10 a.m. the same day.

FTX is a
crypto derivatives exchange that operates in Antigua and Barbuda. First
It unveiled its leveraged tokens shortly after its launch in May 2019.

Binance announced at launch of TBinance arjeta

Furthermore, Binance does not stop its announcement of the launch of the Binance Card to make purchases and pay bills with Bitcoin or BNB. The card, issued by VISA, will be accepted by more than 46 million businesses, physical and online, around the world, comprising more than 200 regions and territories.

The new Binance card works like a conventional debit card, where the user deposits funds before making payments, with no monthly and annual charges. Only a one-time fee of $ 15 will be charged for ordering the card.

Users will be able to manage their accounts in the “Binance Card” app, which will be available shortly for Android and Apple smartphones. Cryptocurrencies can be deposited from the platform from Binance’s personal accounts, view transaction history, withdraw funds and access customer service.

Roger Ver seems unaffected by Coronavirus

Another fast news, competing with Binance, is that Roger Ver, the leading Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate and former CEO of, seems to think the world’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionate.

In a posted tweet, Ver tweeted a screenshot of statistics that apparently compared the number of global Coronavirus deaths to that of other diseases, including seasonal flu, malaria, and road accident deaths, between January 1 and on March 25, 2020.

The screenshot was accompanied by the comment that “If YOU are concerned about the Coronavirus, YOU must isolate yourself. Leave the rest of us alone

It can be seen that Ver has a different position than the professionals that we have exposed on the page, or the position of companies like Binance to take care of people.

China’s SF Express Uses Blockchain to Deliver COVID-19 Supplies

SF Express, China’s second largest messaging service provider, is exploring the use of Blockchain to transport critical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, Global Times reported that the Shenzhen-based firm is finding the technology to be beneficial in tracking the provenance and verifying the quality of medical products.

While the scope and status of SF Express Blockchain implementation is not detailed, according to reports, “it has already begun to establish the use of Blockchain,” specifically for the transportation of drugs and food, which require high standards and reliability.

Therefore, we can see how Blockchain technology can overcome the barriers we live in. Helping to treat the virus that attacks us, or the evolution of the payment system, as Binance does. In this way we close this edition of Quick News.

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