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Binance Futures trading tournament is coming


Binance, the largest crypto exchange of all, doesn’t seem to rest for a second on its way to immortality. Now, he has launched a new trading tournament called “Binance Futures“And the winner will win a juicy prize.

Binance Trading Tournament

The new trading tournament of this crypto exchange will not take place in the traditional crypto market. It will be held in the futures market, which as we know, is much more volatile. It represents much more profit, loss and extreme risk, do you dare ?.

The trading tournament “Binance Futures”Will take place in 2 weeks, on April 9. But, from this moment you can already enter and register in 2 different ways.

Remaining time to register for the trading tournament, Binance Futures. Source: Binance.

Two ways to register for this tournament

Unlike the first tournament that took place in this year 2020, before any pandemic. This will take place not only in the Perpetual Futures market, it must also be done in teams.

Registration information. Source: Binance.
Registration information. Source: Binance.

You will have the option to register as a “team leaderor“Or as a Team member”. Of course, there will be a distinction between the amount of money each will receive. So far there are 215 teams and more than 1,700 participants.

Each team will have to have a minimum of 10 participants. Otherwise they will all be removed from the Binance Futures trading tournament. In addition, there will be no limit to the number of people the team can count on. You will not be able to change teams during the tournament.

The minimum entry will be $ 10, which must be kept in your Tether (USDT) wallet.

In addition to this new feature in the Binance trading tournament, there will be a prize pool, which will be filled as the goals of registered users in that tournament are met. At the moment there is no additional prize, since the goal of 5,000 participants has not been reached.

One million dollars to be distributed in the Binance Futures trading tournament

As we mentioned, there is a juicy prize for winning this Binance Futures trading tournament. Of that million base dollars, you can add the extra pool, only if the number of participants goals are reached.

The first place will take 30% of that million, that is, $ 300,000, the second $ 200,000 the third $ 100,000 and the rest of the $ 400,000 will be distributed among the other teams.

In addition, there will be an internal distribution between the teams. The leader will take 30% of the winnings, the first 10 of the team for the obtained profit will be distributed 20% of the prize. The other members will receive the remaining 50% in equal shares (only if they had a trading volume greater than 50,000 USDT during the Binance Futures trading tournament).

As if that were not enough, in addition to the final prize, they will give daily prizes for all the days of the tournament, about $ 5,000 a day to the teams with the best performance.

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