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Binance tips for working from home


The global unemployment rate has grown almost as fast as the Coronavirus has. So Binance, the most successful exchange in the world, has decided to offer tips to improve work performance from home.

A work from home is the best option!

In view of recent events, different companies have found it necessary to reduce the number of employees, which has horribly increased unemployment worldwide.

So Binance, as the COVID-19 expands, decides to offer some of its tricks and tips for improving work performance from home.

The crypto exchange claims to have vast experience working from home as it is an essential part of their work culture.

A decentralized approach to our company structure has always meant that Binance team members can work flexibly: flexible hours, flexible locations, with colleagues around the world and in several different time zones, while remaining productive and achieving resultsBinance assures.

In fact, they ensure that the Binance team must be prepared to adopt a nomadic lifestyle, since many must travel frequently in order to work in the rapid growth of the crypto exchange in the world. Noting that it was before work from home due to the current conditions of the COVID-19.

Which, they emphasize, can lead to meetings at different times of the day. He even assures that the author of the article published on his blog participated in meetings and work tasks that start at midnight.

In this way, there is no doubt that if there is someone to offer advice on working from home, Binance is the most suitable.

10 tricks to improve performance

1.Order is important!

The key to the success of working from home is to keep an organized agenda that allows you to know what the tasks are during the day.

Although we certainly have a greater amount of time to fulfill the duties, Binance assures that this can play against it, since it invites to overload of work.

In this way, the first of Binance’s advice is that you must establish what your rest hours will be and respect them.

2. Balance is important!

Being locked up at home is no reason to get bored and overburdened, implying that not everything is work. Therefore, Binance emphasizes the importance of doing activities that you like or, even, practicing hobbies that you left behind due to lack of time.

Binance places the advice of Jamie, who is in North America: “Make time to laugh! Watch a funny video on YouTube, a stand-up comedy routine, an old episode of Saturday Night Live, etc. The world needs some laughs right now

Accessing various distractions at specific times will allow you to work with greater disposition and creativity, improving your performance.

3. Communicate virtually with your loved ones!

We are human and, as such, we appreciate the contact of those we love most. Unfortunately today we are physically separated but we have tools available to maintain contact.

Our loved ones have the capacity to cheer us up and give us the necessary encouragement to continue. Vital elements to improve work performance from home.

4. Physical health is also important

Since work is from home, physical health can be compromised. For this reason, Binance advises looking for options to stay active during the day, since staying seated at a desk all day affects mental and physical health.

5. A specific and comfortable workplace

You should establish a place in the house that is suitable for your work and is separate from the rest areas.

The best advice for working efficiently is to have an established office somewhere in your home where you can work peacefully without distraction“Said Ilir of Europe.

6. Good communication with your coworkers

Communication and understanding are essential in the workplace, so since your colleagues are not by your side, it is advisable to express yourself clearly, directly and honestly.

He recommends using voice messages since they are useful to express the message with a certain tone of voice that can avoid misunderstandings.

7. Everyone’s support is important

In addition to work chores, we should all collaborate with household chores. From cooking, cleaning and caring for each other, working from home involves more than just work.

I urge anyone who reads this, that it is an opportunity to get closer to your family and realize what is most important to you. Personally, I try to dedicate 25% of my day to spending time with my children and getting closer to them as a result of this pandemic, and I hope that later we will be stronger than before.Jarred Wynn of Binance Charity said.

8. Limits matter now more than ever

Establishing specific times for work and for household activities is very important. You must ensure that you can work without interruption!

So it recommends establishing a certain area to work and, therefore, be respected. For this they recommend establishing barriers, visible or invisible, that allow it to work without interruptions.

Working without interruptions is essential to improve your performance at work.

9. Must be as productive as possible

During work hours, you should be able to focus on being as productive as possible. There are a myriad of productivity apps that can help keep track of daily and weekly priorities. Ensuring better performance in your work.

10. Protect your and company data!

You must keep your security software up to date and use strong and unique passwords on each of your devices. You never owe your computer for work unlocked and unattended!

With these tricks you can guarantee to improve the performance of work from home.

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