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Binance Trading Tournament: Win up to $ 200,000


The Binance platform offers rewards of more than $ 200,000 in its trading tournament. The competition ends on July 15 and the winners’ prizes will be defined in three types of campaigns available to participate.

It should be noted that Binance offers different types of bonus to participants. They will be delivered in BNB US dollar equivalents.

It is important to note that registered people can track their ranking. To do this they simply have to enter the user section on the web. The results are updated daily.

The three phases of the Binance Trading tournament

Within the terms of the competition, is the division of the tournament into three campaigns. Thus, the first of these is the BTC / USD quarterly futures. Prizes of up to $ 110,000 are distributed in it.

This “Campaign A”, which started on June 30, will end on Wednesday, July 15. It consists, as the terms explain, that “All users will be classified based on the trading volume terms for the BTC / USD Quarterly Futures Contract”.

This volume corresponds to the volume traded in the Binance Futures account. The structure of the rewards is for the first three. In the same order: $ 30,000, $ 20,000, and $ 10,000. Contestants remaining between fourth and tenth place will receive a joint prize of $ 50,000.

So far, in the Binance Trading Tournament, more than 30 thousand users participate. Source: Binance Futures

Three lucky dailies through raffles

Campaign B is a random daily drawing of $ 3,000 on BNB. For its part, all those users with a trading volume of at least 10 quarterly contracts will participate. These are 15 periods that have been delivered since last June 18.

The winners of this draw will be three newspapers and each will receive $ 1,000. It should be noted that, by sharing the results of the tournament on the Twitter social network with the event label, they will receive a bonus which will also be delivered by lottery.

Daily activities ROI in BTC / USD

Meanwhile, “Campaign C”. The same account of the return on daily investment in BTC / USD. The Binance Trading Tournament portal explains that: “All users with a minimum trading volume of 10 contracts during each daily ROI competition will be ranked based on their daily ROI in BTC / USD Quarterly Futures.”

These competitions, which started today Tuesday, will consist of 15 sessions that last 24 hours each. The reward structure is broken down into prizes for the top three of $ 1,000, $ 500, and $ 300 respectively. The prizes for the occupants from the fourth to the tenth place, consist of $ 12,000 distributed together.

Data to consider

  • BTC Trading volume includes purchases and sales in the contract with BTC / USD expiration date. Wash trading will not be taken into account.
  • All rewards from the three campaigns are delivered to BNB.
  • Accounts registered in bulk for illegal purposes will be disqualified.
  • All the terms of the Binance Trading Tournament are published on the portal.
  • It should be noted that 31,071 participants are currently active in the competition for $ 200,000.

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