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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies conquer more spaces


Binance celebrated its third anniversary with the virtual conference “Off The Charts”. This gathering offered the latest news, updates, and a peek at what’s coming for the crypto ecosystem. In this virtual conference the artist and co-founder of the digital currency Akoin was present and showed his conviction that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will help the progress of Africa.

Africa goes for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

During Binance’s virtual meeting, “Off The Charts” in which more than 80 influential speakers gathered, Akon highlighted that the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the key to the development of Africa.

Africans have easily accepted Bitcoin. Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa made headlines throughout the past year for having the largest Bitcoin searches on Google worldwide.

South Africa also has the largest crypto ownership relative to internet users in the world. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is clearly making progress in Africa. Bitcoin has given Africans an alternative that gives them more control over their money.

Cryptocurrency options in Africa: Akoin

Akoin is ready to power the city of Akon, a futuristic city that the singer is building in his homeland, Senegal. Akoin will boost Africa, Akon believes. It has already partnered with a $ 2 billion technology center in Kenya.

Akoin is detailed on its website, as an ecosystem that:

“Unleash the potential of the world’s largest emerging economy through the creation of a trusted cryptocurrency, with a vision to stimulate and innovate, income-generating opportunities that support and strengthen youth entrepreneurship, economic stability and growth in Africa and the world”.

For the CEO of Brave Browser, the privacy of its users is paramount

During the celebration of the third anniversary of Binance, in the virtual meeting “Off The Charts” Brave Browser co-founder Brendan Eich said they have a priority to protect the privacy of their users.

Let’s remember that from the creation of Bitcoin to the present day, there are many projects based on Blockchain technology that try to confront traditional companies in their own field. In this sense, Brendan Eich has said that they are focused on protecting privacy.

To do this, Brave Browser aims to achieve a greater decentralization of Internet browsing, creating a much healthier ecosystem.

Shanghai hotel uses blockchain to safeguard customer’s health during COVID-19

Cleaning records of key hotel infrastructure such as air conditioners, swimming pools, and public areas will soon be stored on the blockchain. This, at a branch of the InterContinental Hotel in Shanghai.

Guests will be able to scan QR codes located throughout the hotel to verify when that area was last cleaned.

The hotel is also incorporating delivery robots for room service. Ensuring that the interaction between the guest and the hotel is as contactless as possible.

In a few lines …

  • The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic went on the hunt for small offenders to the exchange obstacles that exist in the country. According to a publication.
  • Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, the only African-American driver in NASCAR’s biggest racing series, now lead to down the track in a car adorned with the Bitcoin logo.
  • Bill Pulte has state giving away thousands of dollars in cash, cryptocurrencies, and cars for months, but inadvertently you could be helping scammers.

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