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Bitcoin and cryptos, when is the best time to invest?


Bitcoin, emerged from the ashes of the crisis, but not with the intention of becoming digital gold, but to raise a serious and decentralized response to the same banks and governments that had led the financial world to the brink of a great abyss.

The truth is that, with its violent ups and downs, the price of Bitcoin may seem impossible to anticipate. In 2017, the digital currency started the year with a value less than USD 1,000, but for December the price of a single unit was worth USD 19,600.

Are cryptocurrencies an investment option?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become a very attractive option for people to invest since their appearance in the financial field.

Whether for long-term business or simply for taking advantage of the opportunity to profit from the market, you must take into account certain notions to know when to invest in cryptocurrencies.

One factor that you should take into account when investing in the cryptocurrency market is its volatility, which is why most cryptocurrencies have been characterized, a known example has been the peaks and declines of Bitcoin; starting from an insignificant price in its creation, until reaching a value of almost US $ 20,000 (its historical maximum) and then collapsing to the ground.

The first tip to invest in cryptocurrencies is that it is convenient study the various alternatives before deciding to invest in one or a set of cryptocurrencies.

Search for a good project

On the other hand, maybe looking for a good project is the tip
of spear and the most difficult for every investor. Not everyone is born with the ability
to differentiate a good project from a scam, if not, there would be no
Multiple cases of scams throughout the history of investments.

The key here is instruct: Be well documented and learn about the project to invest. There are currently more than 2000 projects currently listed, according to CoinMarketCap, many of which hardly move a significant volume of capital, not counting their little or no activity.

Therefore it is important that when selecting a
crypto project that we have learned, we must look at certain parameters
fundamental to know that our capital will be at least
recovered: relatively tight capitalization of half a million onwards and
up to $ 4 million, experts recommend.

In addition, we must closely follow your roadmap, make sure that your whitepaper is original and attractive, its evolution in the market, its development team and its activity should be very high, since only then will it ensure that it will not die in the attempt once they achieve their original investment.

Cryptos - Bitcoin 2020

Not invest too much

You know how much is too much, and that varies a lot according to each
one. If you are not sure, invest less than you think, that way you can
Minimize the mistake of investing what you should not.

In general it is very easy to make mistakes when you start.
It is time to dedicate time to understand in depth the impact of this

In the beginning it is easy to get carried away by comments, rumors,
news, more than solid information, with fundamentals. It’s normal that

Something very healthy as an asset investment strategy
So volatile is determining what percentage of the total investment portfolio
It will be assigned to cryptocurrencies.

At most 1%, 2%, or maybe some more risky and
Daring up to 5%. More than 5% can be fatal in any of the
customary violent shaking that the cryptocurrency market has.

As a usual personal recommendation, I suggest for those who want to take their first steps, never invest more than 1%.

What you need to start trading with cryptocurrencies

Find an exchange platform: The first thing you should
do if you want to trade with cryptocurrencies is to choose a platform of
negotiation to use and open an account.

Choose a cryptocurrency wallet: This is a
tool used to store and send coins. If you have chosen one
cryptocurrency to trade, most likely you have your own wallet
of cryptocurrencies

Start buying coins: If you are a beginner, you can
be more practical for you to start trading coins with market limits

Now, remember that cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so depending on the type of operator you want to be, you will need to have as much information as possible.

To diversify

This is the key to every investor. You should never invest
all your capital in a single asset and in a single branch. As an example, let’s look at the
In the case of the “dot com” bubbles, those actions of the branch that
they cost pennies, they inflated and then many of which disappeared,
generating millions of losses to many investors, who bet on their
triumph but whose portfolio was not diversified.

You should always try to generate liquidity, in case the
you need at some point to invest in long-term and short-term projects
term. In this way if one of the two scenarios is disadvantaged,
You can compensate for losses between both.

In addition, the option of having extensive actions of various projects in different sectors is a guarantee of being able to recover invested the worst in the worst case. It is because of that you should not bet everything on a single item or less on a single project in particular. The cryptocurrency business is highly volatile, but also very broad given the amount of use cases that are being generated.

Despite Bitcoin’s hard start, as the market’s leading cryptocurrency, it has become the most prodigious digital asset of the decade. However, its supervenience will undoubtedly depend on greater financial adoption that enthusiasts not only of Bitcoin but of the cryptos in general they want.

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