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Bitcoin and crypto annual outlook for 2020: trends, opportunities, risks

Bitcoin & crypto annual outlook for 2020: trends, opportunities, risks


The crypto sector has had a turbulent year, with significant developments in the background. Despite the setbacks, expectations of certain trends that will affect 2020 remain unbroken.

There are various interesting forecasts for 2020 – after all, the Bitcoin market will take a direction. The research company Messari now has a report with 120 trends and opportunities in the crypto-sector published.

Ryan Selkis, a prominent crypto personality named @twobitidiot, has given his thoughts free rein and published a crypto 2020 report:

“This is NOT an objective analysis, but a collection of my / our strong beliefs for the coming decade. It is primarily based on my almost seven years of studying and working full-time in this industry.”

When it comes to influential personalities, the opinions of Binance boss Changpeng “CZ” Zhao and those of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, will continue to influence the mood and set the pace. But other influential people such as economists, influencers or founders of crypto projects can also make their contribution.

Bitcoin should be the focus

Selkis believes that Bitcoin will perform various tasks – from so-called hyperbitcoinization to the role of digital gold. Regulation is also extremely important to avoid fraud, said Selkis.

“If we want to be better than the established companies, then token teams: start disclosing inside sales; Exchanges, clean up your laundries; Wallets, learn how to integrate them into tax software systems and help your customers minimize their liabilities.”

Selkis has changed one or the other opinion in the meantime. He is now particularly critical of XRP and calls it a project that is too big to jail. At the same time, Tether (USDT) was a surprise, still dollar-bound, but solvent. EOS, on the other hand, is “broken and managed by a cartel”.

In 2020, BTC will once again be the leading asset. Altcoins, on the other hand, will only follow if the BTC price remains stable.

Smaller coins and tokens are likely to be increasingly forgotten. Another not overwhelming trend here is token securities that are still lagging behind.

To a greater extent, the crypto sector can lead to a serious Web 3.0 movement – with decentralized hardware and the willingness to build a new infrastructure that is less dependent on monitoring and centralization.

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