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Bitcoin fans fool themselves


One of the most important characteristics of the crypto community is the optimism that reigns in it. Well, cryptocurrency users are usually the first to believe in an increase in the price and use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, not everyone believes that cryptocurrencies should necessarily continue to grow. Therefore, gold magnate Peter Schiff comments in the Tweet of the day that Bitcoin fans fool themselves:

Peter Schiff continues attacks on Bitcoin

It’s hard to think of a community more committed to an ideal than the crypto community is to Bitcoin. And it is that, since the virtual currency took its first steps after the economic crisis of 2008. There has always been a large group of faithful, who have seen the future of the economy in the currency.

And, there are many reasons to believe in the future of Bitcoin. Well, it is not only its technical capabilities that endorse the first cryptocurrency. Rather, its record as a financial asset positions it as the best-performing asset of the century. To which is added, in addition, the economic crisis that affects the traditional economy and that could positively impact the crypto market.

For Peter Schiff Bitcoin fans are fooling themselves. Source: CoinDesk
For Peter Schiff Bitcoin fans are fooling themselves. Source: CoinDesk

However, not everyone agrees with this vision. And among the greatest enemies of it, is the magnate Peter Schiff. Who for years has dedicated himself to discussing the quality of Bitcoin as a financial asset, considering it a speculative product destined to lose its value sooner or later.

This just shows how delusional #Bitcoin fans are. Given how far Bitcoin is from its record relative to the Dow Jones or #Gold, they still expect it to hit a new record first. Hope is never a good investment strategy

With this message, Peter Schiff questions Bitcoin’s ability to reach new highs, due to the distance that separates it from its highest historical value around $ 20,000. However, as history shows us, BTC has the ability to quickly rise in value, so only time will tell if Schiff is wrong.

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