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Bitcoin is and will remain alive


Finally, and after several weeks of waiting by the crypto community, the price of Bitcoin is increasing once again. After a long stagnation around $ 9,000 it left most crypto users wondering what would happen to the cryptocurrency. However, although it is currently on the rise, sooner or later BTC will regress. Reason why Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, comments in the Tweet of the day that Bitcoin is and will remain alive.

Bitcoin is still alive

For many investors, the past few weeks have been truly agonizing. After, contrary to the predictions of most crypto world analysts, the price of Bitcoin stagnated at around $ 9,000 after Bitcoin’s third Halving. Falling the cryptocurrency in a side market from which only now begins to emerge.

The price of Bitcoin shows that it is and will remain alive. Source: CoinDesk

However, the recovery in the price of Bitcoin, reaching up to $ 10,964 per BTC where it is currently located, has generated a contrary effect among users. Well, if the side market caused discouragement in some participants of the crypto community. This surge has sparked a wave of widespread optimism, with predictions already pointing to a Bitcoin above $ 100,000.

For this reason, the CEO and founder of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has gone ahead, pointing out on his Twitter account that, although the state of the crypto market at this moment is positive. Eventually, the rally in Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies will stop, and we will experience a pullback. Ensuring, however, that this will not be the end of Bitcoin just as the previous setbacks from which it has come out alive have not been.

It’s not a bad day for 2020! There will be a pullback at some point, and people will yell “#bitcoin is dead” again …

Thus, Changpeng Zhao is ahead of the debate that, in his opinion, will inevitably arise when the price of Bitcoin falls again due to market pressures. Making it clear that although that circumstance of space for pessimists to announce once again the death of BTC, the cryptocurrency is alive and will continue to be.

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