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Bitcoin miners could fight the Coronavirus


Since 2000 there has been an application with the power to gather the power of inactive graphics cards, known as Folding @ home. Among its possibilities is being able to carry out research on serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer. However, with the new pandemic in the world, they will focus on studying the Coronavirus.

Nvidia urges collaboration with the investigation

Nvidia is one of the leading producers of graphics cards for the United States market.

After Folding affirmed the destination of computer resources, to accelerate the search for vaccines and relevant information to contain the spread of the virus, Nvidia decided to join the cause, publishing a tweet where he mainly invites the owners of Pc Gamers to donate power of processing your GPUs to fight COVID 19.

In addition, he urged other greats in the gamer industry, such as Steel Series, NZXT and Razer to make the call.

With a tweet full of positive energy and solidarity with the entire world, the message has received a great reception.

Quickly, ecosystem participants, such as Intel Gaming and MSI, continued the thread demonstrating their support for the research and initiative.

Nvidia’s tweet links to a post on Reddit, where all the steps to take to donate processing power to research are explained.

The power of Bitcoin miners would be a great help

Despite the fact that the call is in principle for the gamer community, Bitcoin miners could also join the cause, which would cause an exponential increase in investigative processing power, considering the powerful hardwares currently used for cryptocurrency mining. .

According to Digiconomist, BTC’s mining activity costs roughly $ 3.6 billion a year, and leaves a carbon footprint as large as that of Denmark. It’s all because the greater the processing capacity of Bitcoin miners, the more profit they can make.

In the open thread on Reddit promoting the Folding @ home initiative for research, crypto enthusiasts invite the Bitcoin community to contribute their grain of sand against the Coronavirus.

They agree that Satoshi would be very proud to see how that little seed he sowed today faces great threats to the world. In addition, the initiative is closely linked to the early concept of mining.

The point is that donating mining power to a cause like this means loss for miners. But, in a fall of the price like the one currently seen, many are surely thinking of allocating resources to other activities.

So could Coronavirus research be one of the top draws for Bitcoin miners? Hopefully so!

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