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Bitcoin mining by immersion: know your advantage


In this work, we present you one of the most profitable forms of cryptocurrency generation. This is bitcoin mining by immersion. It is a property that is mainly used in countries with warm weather or high electricity costs.

It consists of immersing the machines in mineral oil. Once there, and with a series of tools typical of this technique, miners begin to generate cryptocurrencies like fish in water, literally.

The advantages of this type of mining are enormous. They improve, in virtually every way, the process of producing cryptocurrencies. And best of all, they help preserve ecology while increasing profitability.

What is bitcoin mining by immersion?

Immersion is not a new phenomenon in the computer world. It is a very common action among equipment users who tend to overheat due to the work they are subjected to.

As for the equipment that is heated, the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASICs) are the most relevant. Mining Bitcoin involves a lot of work to find and process the blocks. This means that the equipment dedicated to this end is subjected to high temperatures.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin mining by immersion becomes an eminently advantageous alternative. In simple terms, it consists of removing the fans to the machines and immersing them in containers filled with mineral or dielectric oil. Then turn them on and start seeing the results.

Of course, the procedure is not that simple. You have several obstacles to overcome. The first of which is that many people unfamiliar with the subject may be concerned, considering that liquid and electricity are not good friends.

It is important to keep in mind that this type of liquid, or dielectric oil, is the same one used for electricity transformers. So, if you feel safe using your appliances, remember that the energy your home receives is sent by a device immersed in that liquid.

Bitcoin mining by immersion can protect the environment while increasing business profitability.
With the use of bitcoin mining by immersion, costs are reduced to a minimum. Source:

Immediate advantages of submerging your miners

As is known, mining cryptocurrencies is a process that is becoming increasingly complex. With increasing difficulty, high power consumption, deafening noise and inclement heat generation. Added to this is that, if a miner wants to grow his business, he needs a bigger and bigger space.

A large space to house mining devices involves a number of factors. Some of them are: rental cost, attraction of dust, humidity, vibration, regular maintenance and others that, in short, shorten the life of the equipment.

Bitcoin mining by immersion, means overcoming of each and every one of these problems. The electrical cost decreases up to 97%. Now, it is enough to keep the oil cold and circulating to regulate an ideal temperature that allows a better performance in terms of hash rate.

Equipment space is no longer an issue. In small containers, several miners can be placed next to each other. The containers can be arranged vertically. In a space of three meters, for example, the number of machines that normally require a complete room would be housed.

Being submerged, dust and consequently regular maintenance are no longer a constant concern. The same can be said for corrosion and noise. The latter disappears completely. Likewise, the ease of mobility is increased.

How do Antminers stay cold?

Bitcoin’s mining process by immersion operates with a liquid circulation mechanism. Once the ASIC is immersed in the container, the heat generated by the machine heats the oil, which has a boiling point of 49 degrees Celsius. The steam rises into a condenser, which cools it and returns it to the container again in a liquid state.

The most logical question, in this case is, why if it is so efficient, most miners do not use it? This is a valid concern, as this technology has existed in mining since 2014.

There are three factors that eventually push farm owners into Bitcoin mining by immersion. The first is when there are high electrical costs. Then, when there are high accommodation costs and, finally, when the climate of the area is hot or humid.

Bitcoin mining is a highly profitable business. The lack of serious cases of failures in it, may be the explanation that an innovation such as immersion mining is not an urgent need for most investors, who have a wide range of maneuver before making a change of these characteristics.

Two types of mining immersion

There are two directions through which the immersion mining process can be directed. The first of these is the Simple phase, which requires mineral oil and is the one that we have detailed throughout the text. It is also the most conventional and used so far.

The other type is the so-called Double Phase dive. Fluorine compounds are used in it. It has some advantages over the first in terms of greater energy saving efficiency. In addition, it is safer, since the fluorine compound is not volatile and is generally used to fight fires.

Regardless of the type used, immersion mining is infinitely superior and much cheaper than the air cooling that is generally used on mining farms.

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