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Bitcoin News: A week where everything happened


The week was loaded with high-impact Bitcoin news, even some may influence its price in the coming days. The objective of this post is to present you the most important of the week in a summarized and ordered way so that you can draw your own conclusions.

Bitcoin’s most volatile day was Thursday, coinciding with the Wall Street crash. The price of BTC went from a maximum of US $ 9,900 in the session, to touch a minimum of US $ 9,100.

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is trading at US $ 9,450, maintaining the lateral trend in the short term. The medium term remains clearly bullish.

Bitcoin current situation

Bitcoin is after its halving last month, stuck in a range of 9k to 10k. While there are days of extreme volatility, you can’t get out of there. Will investors be comfortable with this level?

Last Thursday when the main US stock markets sank, Bitcoin was washed away. It was a session where only the Gold, the Dollar and the Japanese Yen seemed safe. Now, taking out that particular day, BTC continues to show itself as a refuge alternative in this context of international uncertainty.

Current BTC data

  • Current Price: US $ 9,437
  • Bitcoins in circulation: 18,403,000
  • Market cap: $ 174 billion
  • Last 24 hours transactions: 228 thousand
  • Unique BTC addresses: 640 thousand

Bitcoin highlights of the week

In the week in CryptoTrend we spread a large amount of high impact news, these being the most relevant.

  • Recent statistics show that the total number of Tether transactions through the Ethereum Blockchain outnumbered those of Bitcoin.
  • Steve Forbes indicated that Bitcoin is a high-tech cry for help. As a result, from the failures of fiat money systems.
  • The volume of transfers from Bitcoin miners to trading platforms has decreased considerably after Halving.
  • In Australia and New Zealand, at more than 2,000 vending machines, Coca Cola will accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method.

What to expect next week?

More of the same is expected next week, high volatility on specific days, but always within the range of $ 9,000 to $ 10,000.

You have to keep a close eye on how the world’s main exchanges evolve, since if panic returns, Bitcoin has the paved way to break the psychological resistance of the 10k and go for more. At the moment we have to wait.

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