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Bitcoin price falls below $ 5,500: best time to reinvest


An opportunity is born for new investors, since they could take advantage of the economic crisis that is affecting financial markets to integrate into the cryptocurrency market. Starting with acquiring Bitcoin (BTC) tokens.

Because, in a situation in which Bitcoin falls below 40% of its value, many sell for fear that it will continue to drop; which is clearly a new opportunity for small investors.

Cryptocurrency market plummets and Bitcoin suffers 40% loss

The event through which the cryptocurrency is passing, was predicted by one of the experts on the subject, the well-known Tone Vays. Which, he mentioned with one of his colleagues that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach 4,000 USD.

Furthermore, this is not the only pessimistic prediction that has been made for the Bitcoin token. Because, other analysts assure that it could come to the price of 1,000 USD. However, this would be a chaotic situation for the market. Therefore, it is expected that the price of the cryptocurrency can be recovered in the coming days.

It is worth noting, that Bitcoin was not the only currency that lost value in recent days, Ethereum, Ripple and others were also affected. Likewise, financial centers, such as Wall Street, have suspended operations, due to the drop in prices worldwide and other multiple causes.

Opportunity or loss?

The situation that for many could be a market massacre, could also be seen from another perspective. Since, with a bear trend in the market, this could allow new investors or users to join.

In case you already have a money reserve in Bitcoin (BTC), the best thing you could do is the hodling. Although it may seem like a waste of money to keep the tokens, they will surely recover over the days.

In addition, some analysts had already anticipated this situation and indicated that BTC would recover, even triple its value. Therefore, it is to be expected to know what and / or how the next movements in the market will be.

Acting in despair has never been a good option in the financial markets, trading with certainty differentiates a good trader from a novice.

Why is the market so unstable?

The market can be disrupted for multiple reasons, including the Coronavirus, which directly affected many users in the Chinese Bitcoin community.

Subsequently, the collapse of the main European exchanges, Wall Street and the like, dragged the digital currency market in the same direction.

Although the market is highly volatile due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this may be an opportunity to make good decisions and operate with great certainty. Those traders with more experience in the market may benefit.

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