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Bitcoin Price: Predictions for the week


At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin is located at US $ 9,134, after having started the day below the 9k support. In this post I will share some predictions for the week.

As we have been marking in CryptoTrend for weeks, the price of BTC has been stuck in a range between 9k to 10k. Everything seems to indicate that in the short term it will continue in that area.

Will July be the month in which the price of Bitcoin definitely goes out of range?

Bitcoin Price Predictions

If we look for predictions in Bitcoin, there is something for everyone. From those who say that the price of BTC is going to fall to 0, to the most optimistic ones who predict that it will reach a million dollars. Here are the most interesting …

PlanB maintains its prediction of a BTC at 288K

The analyst has long been Plan B It remains firm that the shortage of Bitcoin is comparable to that of gold and silver, which could boost its price to US $ 288,000.

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Could Reach $ 13,000

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone is bullish on the price of BTC, which he predicts can be around 13k, as long as he manages to consolidate the prized $ 10,000 barrier.

Finally, to put it in perspective we can quote part of McGlone’s analysis. “Its 260-day volatility, about 4.4 times that of the same measure of gold, is the lowest since April 2017. The average is around 6.4x and the peak was 12.2x in 2011”He commented. That is, little by little BTC has been approaching gold.

A Bitcoin at US $ 10,000 in the short term

My short-term prediction (1 month) is that the price of Bitcoin will be around 10k in the month of July, maintaining the volatility of the last weeks.

Now, I think that Bitcoin will reach at least 13.8k in 2020, maximum reached in 2019. I do not see BTC much higher, since I observe a period of consolidation in the medium term.

Doing a bit of futurology, I think in 2021 BTC can be seen at a new all-time high.

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