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Bitcoin: The most profitable investment of 2020


Without a doubt, the year 2020 will remain in the collective history as one of the most complicated years in recent times. And it is that for all it has been a challenge to face the challenges that 2020 has brought with it. Starting with political conflicts, going through the Coronavirus crisis, and now with a global economic recession. Therefore, it is important to know which has been the most profitable investment of 2020 to protect our capital, which, as Anthony Pompliano comments in the Tweet of the day, it has been Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the best investment of the year

Unfortunately, and despite the enormous costs that Coronavirus has brought in terms of human lives, the disease has also caused problems in other sectors of society. Well, the economic effects of the pandemic, including millions of unemployed people, a dramatic drop in the GDP of all countries, and of course the collapse of the markets, have been enormous.

So, in a period of such uncertainty, one of investors’ biggest concerns is choosing an asset that is strong enough to guarantee the value of your money. With assets such as gold, the dollar and Bitcoin establishing themselves as the preferred options for investors.

Bitcoin is the most profitable investment of 2020. Source: CoinDesk
Bitcoin is the most profitable investment of 2020. Source: CoinDesk

But, although capital has flown into these financial products, to try to get around the worst effects of the crisis. The benefits they have obtained have not been the same in each case. Well, as Anthony Pompliano remembers on his Twitter account, Bitcoin has been the most profitable investment of 2020.

2020 performance summary to date:

  • S&P: 1%
  • NASDAQ: 2%
  • GOLD: 11%
  • BITCOIN: 35%

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset during the recent crisis. He did exactly what he was supposed to do.

Even with these figures, the distance of Bitcoin as the most profitable investment of 2020, with respect to indices such as the S&P and NASDAQ, has been expanded much more. After Wall Street collapsed yesterday, after several weeks of constant recovery in value. Providing in this way, more arguments to those who defend that Bitcoin is a better asset Reserve of value.

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