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Bitcoin updates its code to face Erebus


For most of the crypto world, security is one of the most important issues. Well, precisely the main attraction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that thanks to Blockchain technology they can defend themselves against almost any type of cyber attack. However, there is one type of attack that even the Blockchain cannot stop: Erebus attacks. Therefore, Bitcoin updates its code to face this type of attack, as CoinDesk comments in the Tweet of the day:

Bitcoin upgrades to face large-scale attacks

Within the crypto community, the inability to hack Bitcoin’s blockchain has become common ground for everyone. But, the truth is more complicated than that, because although the size of the Cryptocurrency Blockchain makes any cyber attack against it need enormous processing power. There are still several actors in the world who could take it forward.

Especially, the world’s big governments could muster the processing power to launch these kinds of attacks against Bitcoin. As well as certain companies such as Amazon, which also manage this degree of computing power.

Bitcoin updates its code to face Erebus attacks. Source: National University of Singapore

Thus, the type of attack that most worries Blockchain experts is an “Erebus” attack. Which could block the connection between certain nodes of the Bitcoin Blockchain with the rest of the cryptocurrency network. Avoiding the correct operation of the chain and, therefore, of the transactions that go through them. Reason why Bitcoin updates its code to face these types of threats.

“A so-called ‘Erebus attack’ could lead to a large mining or exchange pool being separated from the rest of the network. Guilty? Completely undetectable until it’s too late. “

If such an attack is carried out, the cyber attacker could disconnect a mining node in the Bitcoin network from the rest of the nodes. Sending to it only the information that he decided, leading to the censorship of certain transactions, or even to a division within the Bitcon blockchain.

Reason why the Bitcoin Core team released a BTC code update that would provide a solution, albeit temporary, against such attacks.

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