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Bitcoin was the start of the Blockchain ecosystem


With the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, many individuals destructively criticized the method on which the token was based, however, it managed to change the economy system in less than a decade; along with blockchain technology.

Furthermore, using blockchain technology caused a change in the world; Thousands of companies currently use blockchain, as well as digital projects and people.

Blockchain Ecosystem: innovative and digitized

The cryptocurrency that started this new ecosystem is called Bitcoin, known mainly for its great volatility in the market; also for its benefits and other not so relevant aspects.

Furthermore, its increasing development caused that the creation of other cryptocurrencies was almost instantaneous; Over time, more tokens were created and later the blockchain network began to be used in hundreds of projects worldwide.

Now, the term “blockchain ecosystem” refers to the entire group of companies, users and participants that use the blockchain, in order to accelerate the growth and development of infrastructures.

In other words, when it is mentioned “being part of the blockchain ecosystem”, it is referring to being part of all those projects that use this technology.

Relevant aspects of the ecosystem

As already mentioned, this ecosystem is made up of a large number of users and companies. Which are who give life to this technology that many consider still growing.

However, this network is beginning to become more populated every day with the passage of time; which has a number of aspects that are widely beneficial to users. An example could be the Ethereum program, which aims to accelerate the growth of services and / or applications based on the ETC network.

Just as a program was created to promote the use of ETC, finance and educate users, you can also find an infinity of projects (which are part of the blockchain ecosystem) that aim to improve business and services.

Who mainly compose it?

It should be noted that this ecosystem is made up of a large number of projects; as mentioned earlier. For this reason, recognizing which of them could be considered the most valuable is almost impossible.

However, some of the main recognized brands stand out mainly for innovating and collaborating frequently with technology and financial freedom globally; such as Binance and Ethereum.

Also, you can find Bitmain, one of the biggest global mining chip designer companies. This company and many projects, are those who shape and give life to the ecosystem, can also be found: Coinbase, CoinDesk, Bitpay or others.

Best moments of the blockchain

Blockchain technology has gone through a vast number of situations, regulations, and the like. Therefore, it can be said that it had its lows and highs, among the highs the first genesis block can be highlighted; this is the first block of information in each chain.

The first genesis block was obtained by Bitcoin, because it was the first cryptocurrency. This was registered on January 3, 2009 and its mining had a reward of 50 BTC.

The first blockchain adoptions were also memorable moments of this technology. Its adoption began around January 20, 2011, when large non-profit companies decide to accept and use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without getting anything in return.

These have been some of the best times that blockchain technology went through. It is worth noting that further growth and development is expected, in order to create the largest technological ecosystem worldwide.

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