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Bitcoin’s performance beats gold


Right now, two simultaneous trends are affecting the price of Bitcoin. On the one hand, the Coronavirus crisis, with all the havoc that it is causing in the world economy. And on the other, the proximity of Bitcoin’s Halving with all the expectations it generates. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bitcoin’s performance exceeds that of gold just days after its Halving, as Dan Morehead comments in the Tweet of the day:

Bitcoin outperforms gold so far in 2020

For several weeks now, the crypto world has been full of debates about the performance of the cryptocurrency in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Especially, comparing Bitcoin and its price, with that of gold. Financial asset that so far in 2020 has increased in value by 13%.

Although initially, it seemed that Bitcoin could not reach the growth figures that gold was showing. With only a few days left until Halving on the cryptocurrency Blockchain, BTC has not only managed to catch up, but has outperformed gold. Accumulating so far in 2020 an increase of 16% in its value.

Bitcoin's performance surpasses that of gold a few days after Halving on its Blockchain.
Bitcoin’s performance surpasses that of gold a few days after Halving on its Blockchain.

This figure becomes even more impressive when compared to other financial assets. Thus, real estate accumulates a 23% drop in value, oil of 75%, commodities of 42% and corporate bonds of 10%. Something that did not escape the attention of the CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead:

#Bitcoin outperforms gold so far this year. Bitcoin was born in a financial crisis. You will come of age during this

With this message, Morehead appears to be quite confident that Bitcoin’s performance will continue to improve for the remainder of 2020. As the COVID-19 crisis causes more investors to demand the cryptocurrency, to protect the value of their capital. A trend that will only increase after Halving on the BTC Blockchain.

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