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Quarantine due to Coronavirus has caused great harm to our society. Keeping more than 2 billion people around the world in social distancing and putting the entire planet on the brink of a global recession, not seen since the 1929 Crack. Therefore, Oracle and Vottun are working on a passport for Blockchain immunity, in order to reactivate our countries.

The effects of quarantine

There is not a country in the world that has not been affected, to a greater or lesser extent, by the Coronavirus. Leading to the loss of thousands of human lives, as well as the practically total paralysis of our economies.

Since the only possible measures to combat COVID-19, before the creation of a vaccine, are social distancing and quarantine. This makes it impossible for workers to get to their jobs in companies.

Therefore, a de facto stoppage of productive and commercial activities is established. Especially in sectors that do not have flexibility for remote work, as Blockchain companies do.

This is already generating great economic damage, especially in the most vulnerable sectors. Well, it is the self-employed, the informal and those with unstable employment, the first economic victims of the pandemic. With millions of layoffs worldwide and the threat of a recession at the gates of the world economy.

However, as in practically all sectors, Blockchain technology can help remedy this situation. Especially if it is possible to create and implement the so-called Blockchain immunity passport. A solution that would put the economically active population to work, in a relatively short time.

Blockchain immunity passport could be a means to fight Coronavirus

A Blockchain passport to combat COVID-19

The idea of ​​a Blockchain immunity passport is being jointly developed by Oracle and Vottun. Two companies looking to create a protected certificate on a blockchain, which can demonstrate that a person is immune to the Coronavirus.

It could be quickly verified by anyone with a phone capable of scanning a QR code. Allowing those who are not in danger from the virus to return to their jobs. What would restart the economy and, these companies hope, would avoid a very deep economic crisis.

All this would be possible thanks to the use of Blockchain technology. What would guarantee the security of citizens’ data within these blockchains. Making this idea, even if it is not implemented on a large scale, a demonstration of the Blockchain’s capabilities. So we decided to make this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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