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Blockchain in Europe suffers from financing


Blockchain technology has demonstrated its potential and, with it, has attracted the attention of many investors in various countries. However, it still faces certain difficulties and an investigation of Leadblock Partners confirms it.

Leadblock’s report presents a survey of 200 Blockchain startups that made their needs and aspirations for Blockchain technology known.

Accelerating the growth of Blockchain

In this sense, Leadblock specifies that Europeans need to be financed by 350 million euros, which translates into some 395 million US dollars, over the next 18 months.

Image of the Leadblock report where we can see the amount mentioned above.
Image of the Leadblock report where we can see the amount mentioned above.

Consequently, what Leadblock’s research emphasizes is that while there are good ideas, they lack the necessary capital. In other words, the Blockchain technology sector faces financing problems, which hinders its growth.

The research also found that Blockchain companies located in Europe have less than $ 113 million in assets under management.

However, we must consider that, in the case of the United States, the amount is more than 2 billion dollars. Consequently, the United States continues to lead at the moment.

“We found that one of the key reasons is that blockchain venture capital funds lack AUM in Europe, as the US funds have raised at least 20 times more capital. US startups typically raise 4 times as much. “ states the report.

However, it is also true that the report found an improvement in the performance of the sector. Mainly the research attributes it to the fact that the Blockchain technology has reached a relative maturity.

Financing problems

The report makes a key observation related to the still ignorance of Blockchain technology for the common investor.

In this sense, “Most investors are not familiar with Blockchain technology.” And, in fact, this knowledge gap is quite evident when we realize that there are still people who do not “they differentiate between Blockchain from cryptocurrencies and their associated negative perceptions. ”

Therefore, Leadblock establishes that, as that gap narrows, the Blockchain technology sector will be able to perceive greater access to financing and, thereby, boost its growth.

Blockchain technology experts establish the need to implement the technology in various sectors, and therefore look forward to that moment with enthusiasm. Over the years it has been able to demonstrate its potential to change the world as we currently know it.

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