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Blockchain technology for the future


The use of Blockchain technology has impacted many areas in the world, not only in the field of digitization and new ways of relating economically. In this sense, the impact that Blockchain technology could generate in the future is, without a doubt, something that cannot be left aside.

Holland tests new Blockchain technology project

The port of Rotterdam has unveiled a new blockchain-based pilot project. This, to make container handling more secure and efficient by eliminating the need to use a PIN code.

In a statement, the port of Rotterdam said it will launch an application called the Secure Container Release. In which they say it is “significantly less susceptible to fraud” than the current widely used PIN-based verification method.

During the pilot project, the collection rights for container import will be converted from a PIN code to a digital token with the help of a blockchain-based application.

Blockchain technology prevents this authorization from being stolen or copied on the go. This, says the Port of Rotterdam, makes the launch process safer for everyone involved in the process.

Blockchain projects for the future

Within the crypto ecosystem there are many projects that arise in different areas and industries. Some stand out more than others and also many have the opportunity to become great Blockchain projects for the future. Here we summarize three.

Binance’s Blockchain Bet: BNB. This cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, could become one of the world’s most important currencies. It currently occupies the ninth position in the cryptoactive ranking according to CoinMarketCap.

The Ripple and Santander project: One Pay FX. This Blockchain technology-based project also has potential to become a complete success. It is an application developed jointly by Ripple and Banco Santander. Which aims to streamline the process of sending Fiat money across borders.

Last but not least we highlight the browser of the future: Brave Browser, which tries to revolutionize the Internet business model forever.

Brave Browser turns its attention to one of the weakest points of the main technology companies: the security of user data.

Thus, by using Brave, the company guarantees that your data is not being used to bombard you with advertising, or by third parties for even darker reasons. Without a doubt, Blockchain technology for the future promises to be a success.

Bitcoin price recovers?

The price of the main cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin registered a rise in its price today, showing a recovery margin since July 10.

According to our internal online crypto tool the price of the leading cryptocurrency in the market is USD 9,234. Which has had a decreasing variation of -0.68 in the last 24 hours.

In a few lines …

  • Blockchain interoperability protocol Polkadot plans to run another vote regarding the naming of its native token, DOT.
  • Crypto taxes in South Korea could rise to 20% for capital gains. The proposed amendments to existing laws also plan to classify cryptocurrencies as “assets,” rather than currencies.
  • Chiliz is entering one of the best soccer countries in the world by including the CHZ token in Brazil’s largest crypto exchange.

More about Blockchain technology

Given that Blockchain Technology for the future promises, the Bank of England is considering issuing a CBDC according to its governor, Andrew Bailey.

Bloomberg reported that during a student webinar the head of the Bank of England acknowledged that they are looking into issuing a digital currency:

“We are looking at the question of whether we should create a Bank of England digital currency. We will continue to analyze it, as it has enormous implications for the nature of payments and society. I think that in a few years, we will go towards some kind of digital currency ”, added.

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