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Brave Browser is committed to privacy


Facing the giants of the industry is a complicated job, and in the crypto world we know that very well. Well, since the birth of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology has allowed the creation of numerous projects that try to confront traditional companies in their own field. Among which, Brave Browser stands out as the challenging Blockchain-based Google Chrome. Therefore, during the event “Off The Charts”, Brendan Eich confirms that Brave Browser is committed to privacy.

The privacy problem

In the digital age, one of the most important problems facing our society is that of privacy. Well, the more we get involved with the Internet and the different options it offers. We are more vulnerable to those who want to use our personal information to generate profits.

And this is well understood by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, and current CEO of Brave Browser. Who, in a panel during the third anniversary of Binance, referred to the problems that a lack of privacy can cause for Internet users. Which, most of the time, are not even aware of the degree to which their data is exposed.

Thus, to cite some examples, Eich referred to the possibility that the advertising shown in our browser is infected with Malwares. So, when we click on an ad that catches our attention on a familiar page, we could be exposing our computer to a virus.

Not to mention tampering with our political preferences or exposure to fake news. In operations influencing public opinion such as that observed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal during the US presidential election. When the data of Facebook users was exposed, being used for political purposes, compromising their privacy.

Brave committed to privacy

This failure in what Eich calls the “ecosystem” of the Internet and online browsing, is what drives the birth and development of the Brave Browser. A browser based on Blockchain technology, which prioritizes the protection of the privacy of its users.

For which, it has created a decentralized information management system, which prevents any entity, not even Brave, from collecting data from its users.

Brendan Eich confirms that Brave Browser is committed to privacy
Brendan Eich confirms that Brave Browser is committed to privacy

For this, what Eich called a “tripartite business model” has been created, based on his own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token or BAT. Thus, the benefits for advertising displayed during user browsing is divided between the company, the user who sees the advertising, and content creators affiliated with the Brave Browser rewards program.

With these elements, Brave Browser aims to achieve a greater decentralization of Internet browsing. Protecting the privacy of users, and therefore creating a much healthier ecosystem. In which, no company or organization can obtain benefits from our data.

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