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Brave partners with exchange bitFlyer


Considering all the progress that the crypto world has had in recent years, it is normal that there is an increasing number of companies related to cryptocurrencies. And with the emergence of these companies, strategic partnerships between them have also been born. Which have been strengthening the infrastructure of the crypto market. Therefore, it is an important fact that Brave partners with the Japanese exchange bitFlyer to create a new wallet.

The crypto market boom

In recent years, the crypto world has witnessed a period of acceleration in its growth. Which has led to the emergence of a growing ecosystem of companies, directly related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Which compete in a decentralized market to offer better products and services to users.

These companies are not solely dedicated to the cryptocurrency exchange sector. Although, effectively, the world’s best-known crypto companies are large exchanges like Binance and Huobi. But also, they are working on the application of this technology in different fields. Ranging from financial companies like Ripple, to the development of Crypto Games like the one run by Dapper Labs with Crypto Kitties and Cheeze Wizards.

And among the most important companies that take advantage of the Blockchain, is Brave. Company that tries to revolutionize the world of Internet browsers with Brave Browser. A browser whose business model is not based on using the data of its users to show them invasive advertising.

Rather, on the contrary, in offering its users the opportunity to decide if they want to see advertising and how often. Subsequently dividing the benefits with them, through its own cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Token (BAT). Which is available for transactions on the main exchanges in the market.

The alliance between Brave and bitFlyer

And now, Brave’s importance to the crypto world could be magnified. After the company has closed a strategic alliance with the most important exchange in Japan for the volume of transactions with Bitcoin, bitFlyer.

Brave partners with Japanese exchange bitFlyer to create new wallet
Brave partners with Japanese exchange bitFlyer to create new wallet

Thus, through a statement, bitFlyer have announced that they will begin the joint development of a cryptocurrency wallet for Brave users. At the same time, they will prepare a joint marketing campaign, with the aim of increasing public knowledge about cryptocurrencies. And encourage you to use the services offered by Brave and bitFlyer.

The partnership between these companies is not new to the crypto world. Well, only in April the Japanese exchange had listed Basic Atenttion Token within its platform.

An important step to increase the adoption of Brave Browser, considering that if the perceived rewards in BAT cannot be easily changed by fiat or other crypto assets, they are not an effective incentive for the use of the browser.

This strategic alliance between Brave and bitFlyer would have the potential to benefit both companies. Increasing the adoption of the browser, at the same time that users of the browser are encouraged to exchange their cryptocurrencies using the Japanese exchange. Which strengthens the position of the two companies, and becomes our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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