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Breitling Top Time: Blockchain in the watch industry


Breitling, the Swiss watchmaker, recently announced that he would be incorporating Blockchain into the watch industry to demonstrate the authenticity and ownership of a limited edition watch, thanks to Arianee technology.

Clocks on the Blockchain, is it possible?

Several years have passed since Willie Breitling revealed his Top Time sports chronograph to the world. Watch that became particularly famous given that James Bond used it in “Thunderball” in 1965.

“Breitling fans have always loved the Top Time sphere. When it launched more than 50 years ago, it was a watch that drew a younger audience committed to enjoying the freedom and spirit of the 1960s. But surprisingly, after all this time, it continues to stand out. “ said Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling.

So now, a few years later, the luxury watch company has decided to relaunch the model but a little differently by incorporating Blockchain technology.

And, instead of offering the traditional certificates of authenticity, the company has decided to register each watch on a private Blockchain that will demonstrate authenticity and follow its provenance.

Only 2,000 models will be available, some of which have already been sold for more than $ 10,000.

Why the interest in incorporating Blockchain technology in the watch industry?

According to the announcement made by the company, they will be using the Arianee Blockchain. The objective is quite simple. In addition to adding value to watches, the Blockchain reduces counterfeit cases and offers more security to its buyers.

It is precisely for this reason that the watchmaker will offer their electronic guarantee cards to the owners. With them they can download a private wallet in which all the relevant details about the watch will be recorded.

It is also important to note that, through said wallet, the owner of the watch can also transfer said property through the Blockchain.

Without a doubt, Breitling has made a big bet by incorporating Blockchain into the watch industry.

This, in addition to being an important benefit for its customers, is also advantageous for the company. And, although it was not mentioned, the Blockchain could also record the activities related to the maintenance of the clock.

This implies that, through this technology, the company could ensure that no unauthorized person has repaired the watch.

“With the Arianee Blockchain, we have the unique opportunity to strengthen the bond with our clients, providing the highest level of clientele and, at the same time, guaranteeing their total privacy”, said Antonio Carriero, executive of Breitling.

Meanwhile, Emmanuelle Collet, co-founder and CMO of Arianee, claimed to be proud of being able “Offer an enhanced ownership experience to Breitling Top Time customers through an enhanced warranty program.”

Therefore, incorporating Blockchain in the watch industry is an important step without a doubt.

Blockchain technology demonstrates its potential

As more industries incorporate it, Blockchain technology demonstrates its reach and potential. Especially this time, as a digital identity certifier.

In fact, ConsenSys recently announced their collaboration to develop a Blockchain that will allow consumers to trace the history and authenticity of luxury goods.

Technology certainly has the potential to destroy the hacking business. But will other industries be able to recognize this potential?

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