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BTC price still anchored at $ 9,700


The price of BTC remains stable at around 9,700 USD. Everything seems to indicate that investors are comfortable with the current levels of the Bitcoin dollar. Can this boring side continue much more?

Bitcoin price anchored at $ 9,700

The leading cryptocurrency in the market, BTC is still anchored at USD 9,700, in this context, much is said about the future trends of Bitcoin.

Analysts continue to provide forecasts about the immediate future of the cryptocurrency, such as that in a few weeks it will reach USD 75,000.

The truth is that the strange stability in the price of Bitcoin in recent days confirms the new support, and at the same time offers proof of its growth as an asset and investment alternative.

At the time of writing the article, the price of Bitcoin is trading at USD 9,775 with an increasing variation of 0.71% This is supported by our CryptoTrend tool, Crypto online.

Crypto company BlockTV announced its closure

Cryptocurrency sector-focused news portal BlockTV has stopped operating due to economic problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as reported. At the moment, the startup has already completely ceased operations in its Tel Aviv office, where 35 people worked.

BlockTV’s chief operating officer, Noa Tamir, has said: “The covid-19 crisis has affected us greatly. We have made the decision to close BlockTV. We are extremely proud of the brand we’ve created and all the new content and news we’ve brought to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. We look forward to reviving BlockTV in the future. ”

Ethereum miners received better rates than Bitcoin miners

Data analysis startup Glassnode revealed that Ethereum (ETH) miners ‘earnings outpaced Bitcoin (BTC) miners’ earnings by nearly $ 200,000. Ethereum miners, Glassnode noted, received $ 498,000 in fees, but Bitcoin (BTC) miners received $ 308,000.

It is a rare event on the net. The fact that a cryptocurrency gets higher commission than Bitcoin, means that it offers great opportunities for investors.

Glassnode expressed through his Twitter account the details of the frequency and magnitude of the event. Ethereum daily commissions yesterday exceeded Bitcoin’s daily commissions. Ethereum Commissions: 498k and Bitcoin Commissions: 308k. So far, this has happened 141 days (8%) ”.

Voice on Block.One’s EOS will launch in July

Voice, a social network based on blockchain technology that has been developed by, is going to be launched on July 4.

According to a publication on the official Twitter account of Salah Zalatimo, executive director of Voice, the social network will begin to be available to users on July 4, the US Independence Day. USA As reported, only registered users may use it.

It should be noted that the beta version of the platform was launched in February, so it has been being tested for several months.

In a few lines …

  • Russian police arrested a 30-year-old crypto miner who they accuse of stealing more than $ 494,000 in electricity from the state power grid to mine Bitcoin and altocoins.
  • Coinbase experienced the highest net Bitcoins outflow in years following the recent service outage.
  • New research from MIT says that a decentralized protocol is imperative for secure online voting, however the current online voting platform is too centralized and vulnerable.

Crypto business

Vending machines operated by Asia-Pacific’s leading soft drink bottler and distributor, Coca-Cola Amatil, will now accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

The development follows a new deal with the Centrapay digital asset platform announced Monday.

Coca-Cola Amatil’s network of more than 2,000 vending machines in Australia and New Zealand will allow consumers to spend their cryptocurrencies using their smartphone cameras to scan a payment tag with a QR code. As long as they have the Sylo smart wallet installed.

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