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Changpeng Zhao concerned about TikTok privacy


The past few days have been marked by privacy scandals by the famous Chinese app, TikTok. After it was banned in India along with other Chinese applications. At the same time, vulnerabilities were discovered in your code that allowed you access to the clipboard of your users. However, it is possible that the problem is much bigger, which is why Changpeng Zhao is concerned about the privacy of TikTok in the Tweet of the day:

Changpeng Zhao concerned about TikTok

In the midst of the digital revolution, the concern for the protection of our data on the Internet is increasing. As the uses that companies can put to our information come to light, be it for monetary gain, or even to gain political influence and manipulate our decisions.

All these concerns are present in the case of TikTok, the famous Chinese application whose popularity has exploded during this year 2020. Well, from the beginning the US intelligence services had pointed to it as a mechanism of the Chinese government to collect information from citizens western. An accusation that is beginning to take hold now that there is more information about the data that TikTok is collecting.

Changpeng Zhao concerned about users' privacy after the list of data collected by TikTok was released
Changpeng Zhao concerned about users’ privacy after the list of data collected by TikTok was released

Thus, a Twitter user would have discovered, through a reverse engineering process, that TikTok obtains much more data than it needs or requests from its users. Leading even Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao to express concern on the matter. Calling on his team to redouble efforts to ensure the privacy of its users.

This is pretty scary. I have uninstalled most of the “questionable” applications. I also asked our team to explicitly ensure that our apps do not require any permission that we absolutely do not need, and that they do not collect information without our users knowing.

In this way, Changpeng Zhao not only expresses his concern about the way TikTok handles the data of its users. But it also shows Binance’s commitment to work to protect the privacy of its users. Even while other apps apparently don’t.

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