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Changpeng Zhao overflows optimism for Bitcoin


It is only a couple of weeks before the Bitcoin Blockchain experiences one of the most important events in its history: its third Halving. And it is that, unlike the two previous Halving, this time there is much more at stake for BTC. Well, if you do not succeed in emerging from Halving and on the rise, there will be few who question your future. Faced with this, Changpeng Zhao overflows optimism about Bitcoin in our Tweet of today:

Changpeng Zhao’s optimism

We must be clear on this, if after the Bitcoin Halving, the cryptocurrency does not show at least a slight upward trend, the entire crypto world will be seriously affected. Well, since the great bullish rally of 2017, the narrative that invites you to buy Bitcoins due to the growth in its price, has been dominant. And this is known by Changpeng Zhao.

And it is that, for years, the CEO of Binance has been one of the most optimistic crypto influencers in the world regarding Bitcoin. Betting, as many market analysts do, that the reduction in the reward for mining Bitcoin, and therefore the growth rate of the supply of BTC, will bring with it a significant increase in the price of cryptocurrency.

A position so firm that it is curious to see in a character like Changpeng Zhao, who overflows optimism for Bitcoin. Well, it has always been characterized by its correctness when it comes to expressing opinions on social networks. Knowing that they will directly impact the image of your exchange. So, if you launch tweets as strong as today, we can be sure that you are fully convinced of the future of Bitcoin:

It was bullish the day before yesterday. Yesterday I was bullish, and I will be tomorrow. I have no idea what prices we will see in the short term (days). I have only one belief, based on my limited understanding of the world, of its long-term (decades) direction. #BTC

Thus, Changpeng Zhao appears to be sending a clear message to the crypto community. Remembering that although the hopes around the results of the Halving are normal. Bitcoin is a long-term project that will succeed thanks to patience and effort.

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