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Charles Hoskinson and the biggest lie


In an interview with Ryan Selkis of Messari, Charles Hoskinson says that the cryptoverse’s biggest lie is the network effect. Furthermore, the claim that Ethereum has created a significant network effect is far from accurate.

“It is the biggest lie ever told on the cryptoverse. It makes sense why that lie spreads so much that Ethereum has achieved the network effect. ”

Charles Hoskinson: “The cryptoverse’s biggest lie is the network effect”

The Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) CEO, who also co-founded Ethereum, says that it may be about ten years before any smart contract platform manages to build dominant leadership in the space.

He believes that it is useless to speculate on Ethereum’s network effect now, because the Blockchain industry is just beginning. Also, Hoskinson says, the focus should be on more substantive metrics to win in the Blockchain race, like solving real-life problems.

“To win, you have to think in terms of utility and experiences and what will really help your user.”

However, despite constant comparison to Ethereum, he believes that there will be no winners in space for a long time, as the industry is now in the same state as the Internet in 1991.

Five years of hard work

In the interview, Charles Hoskinson discussed the effort made so far on the project. Likewise, the creator of Cardano said it has been incredibly rewarding to see the products of five years of hard work finally come together.

As a result, this year has gone very well, as the company has reached all the benchmarks and set deadlines. However, today, speed and efficiency seem to be the only qualifiers that could describe developments at Cardano.

It is important to highlight that IOHK organized the Cardano virtual summit, which will take place on July 2 and 3. The event will include heads of state and government officials, including members of the Wyoming Research Laboratory and IOHK’s business partners.

Charles Hoskinson with futuristic vision

However, both Hoskinson and the rest of the people who work at Cardano seem incredibly confident that they will be able to reap success. Likewise, he made big plans for the next two years, the first thing would be to focus on the issue of assets in Cardano.

The second thing will be to make a great move, incorporating the Haskell community into the Cardano ecosystem. Without a doubt, an influx of experienced and ambitious Haskell developers would allow a DeFi system to flourish in Cardano.

Finally, Hoskinson said he would like to see people running sustainable businesses, on Cardano’s servers, an adoption effort that is likely to take off in developing regions like Africa.

The interview ended on a positive note, with Charles Hoskinson announcing a pleasant surprise to come during the virtual summit. Therefore, we will be on the lookout.

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