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China: Money quarantine, is Bitcoin the solution?


We all know the delicate situation that China is going through due to the expansion of the coronavirus in its territory. With tens of thousands of infected and hundreds of dead, in the weeks during which this disease has advanced. Being so serious the situation facing the Asian giant, which has begun to put in quarantine tickets used by the population. Creating a problem for which Bitcoin could be the solution.

The coronavirus advance

Humanity has faced and emerged victorious from multiple diseases throughout its history. From the black plague, through the SARS at the beginning of the century, or the AH1N1, human beings have managed to combat and keep up against these diseases. Even when the costs have been, frankly, too high.

Therefore, this time when we face the coronavirus, we can say that we have the baggage and the conditions as a species to fight and stop this disease. Thanks to which, it has been retained in the Wuhan region of China, and the surrounding provinces.

However, and although within our possibilities we have managed to avoid the great damages that the coronavirus could cause. The disease that affects 69,000 people worldwide has greatly impacted the way of life of Chinese citizens. Including the circulation of its national currency, the yuan.

Banknote quarantine in China

And, it has been reported that the Chinese government has ordered the quarantine of the bills used by its population. In order to stop the expansion of the coronavirus in its territory. Working under the assumption that it could be transmitted through the monetary cone of China.

This measure would come after February 13, a peak was reached in the growth of confirmed cases of coronavirus. Adding 15,000 new cases in a single day. Especially due to a change in the methodology for the inclusion of new infected patients in the statistics.

Advancement of Coronavirus in China
Advancement of Coronavirus in China

This, of course, creates an additional problem for the inhabitants of China. Well, in addition to suffering the weight of a quarantine practice ordered by his government. They could also suffer shortage of tickets in the next few days, while the government disinfects their paper.

What has triggered speculation in the crypto twitter, with many users commenting that the solution to this problem should have been Bitcoin. Well, the cryptocurrency could have served as a means of exchanging goods and services during this period. However, this is still a simple idea to which the Chinese authorities would not be open.

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