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Craig Wright guilty of Bitcoin theft on Mt.Gox?


Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, does it again! The latest is that he appears to have admitted to being the hacker behind the Bitcoin theft on the crypto exchange Mt. Gox in 2011.

Craig Wright is always behind everything

The famous Craig Wright does not seem to tire of claiming things in the crypto market that generate too much scandal. It certainly seems that he likes to be involved in controversy.

It all started after Riccardo Spagni, also known as Fluffy Pony, wrote a tweet where he points out Craig Wright’s affiliation with the Bitcoin wallet related to the Mt. Gox hack.

“Just to be clear, Craig Wright has just openly admitted (through his attorneys) that he was the guy who stole 80k BTC from Mt. Gox. The screenshots below show court documents stating that the ‘1Feex’ address is where the stolen Mt. Gox funds were shipped, ”he noted in the tweet.

Obviously, Spagni’s message raised quite a few doubts and, therefore, he decided to publish a new tweet to be more precise.

In this sense, Spagni explains that Craig’s lawyers, SCA Ontier, sent a letter to “Bitcoin Core”, where they alleged that Wright had control over two Bitcoin addresses.

So far everything seems quite normal, the problem is that one of those addresses specified in the letter is associated with the Bitcoin hack that Mt. Gox suffered.

Screenshots of the card have been quickly circulated on social media. Max Karpelès, who was the CEO of Mt. Gox, currently inoperative, questioned whether Craig Wright was admitting his guilt.

Therefore, that address contains approximately 80k BTC stolen from Mt. Gox in March 2011. Block explorers have confirmed that the address currently contains 79,956 unspent Bitcoins.

Some may probably think that there is a possibility that the letter is false. However, Decrypt confirmed its veracity.

What was the true purpose of the letter?

Craig Wright’s attorneys, through the letter, claim that on February 5, 2020, he was deprived of access to this account. And so they ask Blockstream to do something about it.

Furthermore, in the letter they appear to ensure that they wish to inform Blockstream that the funds in those addresses still belong to Wright and therefore the company should not attempt to move them or allow them to move.

It is important to note that Blockstream is not responsible for the transactions that run on the Bitcoin network. Accordingly, it cannot comply with the requests of Wright’s attorneys.

Is Craig Wright the person behind the Mt. Gox hack?

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