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Crypto whales: summary of the last 48 hours


Keep up to date with what the crypto whales It is not always an easy task, since there are many transactions and even cryptocurrencies. However, in the last hours there are three cryptocurrencies that have been preferred by these actors: LINK, USDT and BTC. Find out the details below.

Crypto whales mobilize LINK, USDT and BTC

Over the course of these two days, crypto whales have conducted 24 operations with LINK. Of these, eight were made between unknown wallets, another ten from unknown wallets to exchanges.

In terms of quantity, obviously the most important flow was between unknown wallets, with a total of more than 2 million LINK. However, six accumulation operations were also recorded giving a total of 664,000 LINK.

Summary of Crypto whale activity with LINK, USDT and BTC for the last 48 hours. Source: Whale Alert
Summary of Crypto whale activity with LINK, USDT and BTC for the last 48 hours. Source: Whale Alert

Then, in the case of USDT, there was a major contrast in the activity of the whales that mobilized it. Yesterday, 22 movements were registered that moved close to 390 million USDT.

Most were accumulation, specifically 149,999,629 USDT were carried from exchanges to unknown wallets through eleven operations. Subsequently, eight other movements introduced a total of almost 120 million USDT on different exchanges.

The contrast is that, to this day, there were only five USDT trades, as of the time this post was written. These were from the Tether reserve to Binance. The total was 67 million USDT, so it is inferred that there is a great demand for USDT at the moment. These are not included in our summary table.

What have crypto whales done with BTC in these 48 hours ?: Accumulation

Finally, in the case of Bitcoin, in these hours there have been 21 operations with a total of 35,670 BTC. The interesting thing is that a considerable majority was made in the sense of accumulation, specifically fourteen, which in total add up to 20,162 BTC.

On the other hand, 7,789 BTC were introduced in different exchanges through four transactions. Perhaps we could see its sale soon, but it still does not compare with the recently observed accumulation level. Finally, Whale Alert also published three inter-exchange trades (7,269 BTC in total).

Activity analysis

Bitcoin and Tether are usually the cryptocurrencies that we see the most in Whale Alert reports. However, at this point it is quite evident that the market is moving roughly, and the whales with it.

This is not to say that there were not other cryptocurrencies with large and important movements. Instead, we just want to highlight that in these last 48 hours the most constant activities were done with the cryptocurrencies already mentioned.

As of this writing, BTC changes hands for $ 11,777.83. This represents a 0.08% increase in the last 24 hours. However, it should be noted that although it is still in positive numbers, in a matter of hours it has fallen below the 11.8K reached in the morning.

Crypto whales have started to accumulate as they expect this trend to continue to increase. If they continue to amass large amounts of this cryptocurrency, they could even push its rise little by little. But obviously, they should hold it for longer and perhaps in greater proportions.

In the case of USDT, as we have seen the tendency to accumulate it was present yesterday, but not so much today. Perhaps in the next few days we could see a reversal in the trend, and instead of accumulating they may sell their tokens to acquire BTC, but again it would depend on the performance of BTC.

Furthermore, the Tether whale targets may be subject to a macro context in which there is still some correlation between what happens in traditional markets and cryptocurrency markets. A stablecoin might seem more attractive to them than BTC.

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