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Cryptocurrency mining war


Within days of Bitcoin’s Halving, MicroBT, the 2nd largest maker of cryptocurrency mining equipment, is mounting pressure to gain the lead, announcing the launch of 3 new models. In this way, we can see that a war of cryptocurrency mining teams around the world is starting.

MicroBT CEO Chen Jianbing made the announcement at an online event. There he explained that the new models are already available in the warehouse inventory. Noting that, due to the situation, they are delivered within a maximum period of 30 days.

Chen also took the opportunity to again expose the company’s rapid growth in 2019. Highlighting sales of more than 600,000 units of its WhatsMiner M20 series, dramatically reducing Bitmain’s dominance.

With this launch of MicroBT it takes advantage of Bitmain, who plans to launch the first batch of his 2 new teams in May.

At the moment, the two agents of this cryptocurrency mining equipment war are the well-known Bitmain, and the rookie of MicroBT.

What are the most efficient cryptocurrency mining equipment?

If it was of utmost importance to manufacture the most efficient hardwares, the approach of the 3rd Bitcoin Halving makes it much more important.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process that requires a lot of energy, a product of the demand for hardware that solves operations.

The less watts your computer consumes per terahash of computing power, the better.

Regarding the new launches of cryptocurrency mining equipment, Chen lists the situation as ‘’was 3X’’, Referring to the efficiency of miners below 40 watts per terahash (W / T).

Low W / T hardware has more profit margin, and allows you to deal with situations where the price of the cryptocurrency is not the best.

With the arrival of Bitcoin Halving, the cryptocurrency mining reward will be cut in half. Miners are already adjusted for profit due to the low price of the cryptocurrency, they will be really affected by the event.

The most powerful of the new mining equipment launched by MicroBT, M30S ++, can calculate at 112 TH / s with an efficiency of 31 W / T, while the previous model, the M30S + calculates at 100 TH / s by 34 W / T.

Chen says that this efficiency can be manually adjusted to improve profit.

In the case of Bitmain, the best of its new hardwares, AntMiner S 19 Pro, is capable of calculating at 110TH with an efficiency of 30 W / T.

Discount mining equipment

As the Halving event approaches, all mining equipment manufacturers are finding it more difficult to sell their products, a situation generated by the market condition and the low prices of the main cryptocurrencies.

The largest manufacturers have already lowered their equipment, mainly due to the abrupt drop in the price of Bitcoin that occurred on March 12, the largest since 2013.

MicroBT lowered the launch price of its WhatsMiner M30S from $ 2,500 to $ 1,962.

In the case of Bitmain, it had to partially reimburse its customers who placed orders before the start of the sales. MicroBT is also already applying this policy to satisfy its customers.

What do you think? Will this situation continue or will the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins increase? Let us know your point of view in the comments.

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