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Cyprus to use Blockchain technology at COVID-19


Considering all the progress it has experienced in recent years. It should come as no surprise that Blockchain technology is one of the most important weapons to combat COVID-19. And this seems to be perfectly understood by the Cypriot government. Well, as VeChainInsider says in the Tweet of the day, Cyprus is ready to use Blockchain technology to combat the Coronavirus.

Cyprus takes advantage of Blockchain to combat COVID-19

There are many ways that Blockchain technology has collaborated, and will continue to collaborate in the fight against COVID-19. Starting, of course, with the use of cryptocurrencies to collect donations internationally. Taking advantage of the flexibility of these assets to cross borders, and therefore reach the areas where they are most needed.

But this effort does not stop here, since the Blockchain is also being used in another area of ​​fight against COVID-19. Well, after months of quarantine in many countries around the world, the priority for governments is to safely reopen their economies again. For which, Blockchain passports seem to be one of the best options available.

They would consist of tests protected by Blockchain technology that guarantee the health of a person. Showing the results of the tests against COVID-19 carried out on the patient. Something that would not only be being considered, but has already begun to be implemented in Europe. More specifically in Cyprus and thanks to the support of VeChain:

Get tested for # COVID19 and save the results to the #VeChain #Blockchain blockchain. This allows citizens to test their health status to return to work or travel abroad. Already active in Cyprus, find out more at Adoption $ VET $ BTC $ ETH

With this, Cyprus takes the lead on the European continent, when it comes to the use of Blockchain technology to fight COVID-19. Therefore, it would have the potential to become an example for the entire world, of how technology can be applied to guarantee the health of society.

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