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Did Kim Dotcom predict the current Bitcoin rally?


When it comes to the price of Bitcoin, everyone has an opinion. With each passing day, crypto influencers compete to release their predictions about where the market is headed. Going from the most conservative, to those who predict that Bitcoin will reach millions of dollars per BTC. However, few analysts really manage to guess where the value of the cryptocurrency is going. So today we wonder if Kim Dotcom predicted the current Bitcoin rally.

The Bitcoin rally

The last few months have been of great expectations for the entire crypto community. Well, after the third Halving occurred in the Bitcoin Blockchain, most cryptocurrency users expected a significant movement in its price to take place. Repeating the pattern followed by the BTC market after the previous two Halving, which represented the beginning of the two biggest bullish rallies of Bitcoin to date.

However, this is not a process that happens overnight. On the contrary, there were several weeks of stagnation in the crypto market during which the price of Bitcoin hovered around $ 9,000. Generating several crypto skeptics to rush to announce once again the definitive death of BTC.

Apparently Kim Dotcom predicted the current Bitcoin rally. Source: Coindesk
Apparently Kim Dotcom predicted the current Bitcoin rally. Source: CoinDesk

Something that was definitely refuted when the cryptocurrency began to increase in value again in recent days. Thus initiating a new bullish rally in its price, which has already allowed it to recover its price above $ 10,000. Standing at the time of writing this article at $ 12,303 per BTC. In what several have already dared to describe as the start of a new great post-Halving bull rally for the cryptocurrency.

Kim Dotcom’s prediction

And among those who correctly predicted the recovery in the price of Bitcoin, is the founder of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom. Who in August 2018 suggested to his followers in Twitter that they had to buy Bitcoin or gold to protect themselves from the inevitable collapse of the global financial system. Advice that, had it been followed, would have generated significant profits.

Trust me. Buy cryptocurrencies and gold. Your dollars will become useless. With the economic collapse of the US, all old currencies will collapse. Times will get tough. But you’ll be fine if you cover some of your assets in preparation for collapse. The great collapse is approaching 100% sure“.

Despite the fact that at the time several users denied Kim Dotcom’s logic, equating Bitcoin with worthless paper, the Coronavirus crisis seems to be beginning to prove him right. Bringing the US economy to its knees and significantly increasing the value of gold and cryptocurrencies. So Kim Ditcom can easily proclaim that he foresaw the current rally in Bitcoin’s price.

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