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Do you prefer to die before leaving your cryptocurrencies?


Almost 60% of 13,000 people say they will keep their Bitcoin until their death if the price of BTC does not exceed $ 10,000. However, Twitter polls are, by their very nature, unreliable, given their lack of cure and their vulnerability to prejudice. And you prefer to die before leaving your cryptocurrencies?

Twitter users say they prefer to die before leaving their cryptocurrencies

A poll on Twitter this week by Peter Schiff, economist, financial consultant, resulted in almost 60% of respondents never selling their bitcoins as long as the price stays below $ 10,000.

The economist, who was always skeptical about Bitcoin, asked his followers “How much longer does the #Bitcoin price have to be below $ 10,000 before you throw in the towel and bandage?”

With more than 28,000 responses, 57.5% answered that they would “be taken to the grave”.

The other options “1 more year”, “3 more years” and “10 more years” reaped only 15%, 14% and 13% respectively.

Chaos broke out in the face of the Twitter hack

Politicians, billionaires, art figures and companies in the United States were the target of a massive hack to Twitter accounts this Wednesday.

Among those affected are billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, former United States President Barack Obama, Democratic pre-candidate Joe Biden and even musician Kanye West.

Given the situation, Twitter took the extraordinary measure of suspending the publication of messages from verified accounts while investigating what happened.

The hacker posted a message about the fake gifts from compromised accounts, asking for Bitcoin (BTC) payments and promising to return double the amount received.

Twitter support said:

“We are aware of a security incident affecting Twitter accounts. We are investigating and taking steps to fix it. We continue to limit the ability to tweet, reset the password, and some other account functionality as we investigate this. ”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted that the team continues to investigate what happened and said, “We all feel very bad about what happened.”

Peter Brandt says 99% of Altcoins are scams

Peter Brandt, a trader with 40 years of experience, once again confirmed his thesis that most of the alternative currencies on the market are a complete scam.

Brandt claims that altcoins are a complete scam. He provided a table that can relate to many altcoins at the moment.

In a few lines …

  • Twitter admitted that the hackers behind the BTC scam gained access to the administration’s internal dashboards.
  • Two 17-year-old Italians were arrested for paying Bitcoin (BTC) to see children sexually raped, tortured, and killed in live broadcast.
  • Peter Schiff, a well-known gold optimist and cryptocurrency critic, question if the recent hacking of verified profiles on Twitter is “an omen that they are hacking Bitcoin”.

Last moment

The restrictions for the purchase of the US dollar continue to tighten and extend in Argentina. Now, the Central Bank of that country would block the beneficiaries of the so-called “Emergency Family Income” to prevent them from accessing the exchange market. This was reported by BAE Business on July 15, in an article signed by Eugenia Baliño.

“Those who collect the Emergency Family Income (IFE) will not be able to buy dollars in the official market, according to sources from the Central Bank, told BAE Negocios,” wrote Baliño.

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