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Earn interest on your Ethereum


Until now, despite the great advances made in recent times with the launch of products and services for cryptocurrencies. There is no equivalent within the crypto market of the benefits of traditional fiat money. Something that is beginning to be solved little by little, thanks to companies that are entering the financial sector with increasing force. So today we explain how to earn interest on your Ethereum with

Finance and cryptocurrencies

The multiple technical advantages of cryptocurrencies over traditional fiat money are undeniable. And is that, the Blockchain technology on which the main virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are built, provide you with transparency and security with which fiat money cannot be compared.

Despite this, cryptocurrencies have so far failed to match traditional money in terms of adoption by the population. Essentially due to the lack of such a solid financial infrastructure, such as the one that the traditional economy has been developing over the decades. Which provides important advantages to citizens.

Thus, for example, the crypto market is just beginning to develop capabilities such as granting credits through the Blockchain. Or the establishment of physical products such as debit cards, which allow cryptocurrency users to pay for their purchases as if they had fiat money, using their preferred cryptocurrency. and Interests on Ethereum

Fortunately, there are a number of companies dedicated to cryptocurrencies, which are taking upon themselves the responsibility of developing this infrastructure. Thanks to which, every week the crypto market is surprised with products and services. Such as the Changpeng Zhao exchange’s Binance Card, Justin Sun’s Tron-based loan services, and interest on’s Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts., a company known for its wallet service, as well as the data it provides for free on its website, recently announced something important. This was the creation of 4.5% annual interest on Bitcoin accounts within their platform. Emulating in this way one of the most important characteristics of traditional banking.

With this message, announces to its users the possibility of earning interest on their Ethereum. Source:
With this message, announces to its users the possibility of earning interest on their Ethereum. Source:

But this attempt to develop a financial infrastructure for cryptocurrencies has not stopped there. Instead, today announced that it will integrate 5% interest per year on Ethereum deposits over $ 100 within its platform.

This would be one more example of the important effort that crypto market companies are carrying out, in order to close the gap between traditional and decentralized finance.

With the clear objective of stimulating the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum among the population, through offers like that of Allowing for more balanced competition between crypto assets and traditional fiat money.

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