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Edison Montoya: “The long-term potential is in knowledge”

Within the framework of the Cripto Latin Fest in Medellín, Edison Montoya, founder and CEO of BCFort, gave CriptoTendencia an exclusive interview. During the interview, Edison explained his growth process with BCFort and the experience gained in the academic field. With an exceptional academic background that allows him to identify that “long-term potential is in knowledge”

His arduous path of training and entrepreneurship began with trading, with the profits he financed the creation of his company. However, Montoya made it clear, he wanted to create wealth through knowledge. Currently, in addition to being the CEO of BCFort, he is also one of the promoters of the modernization of education at the University of Antioquia, Colombia.

“I wanted to turn knowledge into profit. The long-term potential is in knowledge.”

Edison Montoya

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“The long-term potential is in knowledge”

Given his knowledge, Montoya faced a dilemma that five years ago marked his path forever. Since then, he has dedicated himself to building a network of collaborators and people interested in working with his initiative around the world. The success of his initiative is largely due to the close relationship he has with scientific research, after years of a career as a researcher and academic.

As a scientist, he has published studies that seek to clarify the learning process and understanding of neural networks. This topic, related to Artificial Intelligence and BCFort.

In addition, Montoya has dedicated himself to studying in depth the Whitepapers of the main cryptocurrencies and ecosystem projects. His academic training has allowed him to apply solutions and implement what is contemplated in the Bitcoin and Ethereum Whitepaper.

Montoya also explains that we must look in a period of five to ten years to understand where Web3 and the Blockchain are heading. The long-term potential lies in knowledge and long-term adoption is closely linked to its dissemination.

It is contradictory, but regulation is necessary

In the midst of the model proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, there is an inescapable reality. In the fight for the financial freedom of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users, governments are in the middle.

Since they are collectors and in many ways Web3 and the Blockchain generate profits, Montoya comments that it is necessary to develop a balance between regulation and financial freedom.

Of course, regulation to avoid situations like those that occurred with FTX and Luna/TERRA. He also points out that this would go against the philosophy of Bitcoin and what Nakamoto planned in the Whitepaper.

These are Edison Montoya’s three recommendations for getting into the Web3

Referring to one of the most revolutionary labor markets so far, Web3 has captivated everyone’s attention. It is a reality that starting learning could be complicated and one of the guarantees for sustainable development is massive adoption.

We asked Montoya three recommendations for those who are interested in Web3 and hope to be trained professionally, personally, and in business in that area.

Montoya also highlighted the importance of formal education, he recommends going further by being self-taught. Also about his struggle as a teacher avoiding misinformation and those who only seek to sell their products, showing themselves as trading gurus or founders of promising Startups.

In addition, he warned, about those promises of enrichment. For Montoya, the long-term potential is in knowledge and it is the only thing that can change the lives of those who undertake, it is formal education and the dissemination of knowledge.

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