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Ethereum is used to combat censorship


Since its birth a few decades ago, the Internet has been a bastion of freedom for everyone. Promoting an exchange of knowledge, ideas and information like never before in the history of mankind. However, this is not the whole story, because despite appearing quite free, there are forces within the Internet that try to control it, and against them it is being fought using Ethereum.

Internet control

The Internet has been a true revolution for everyone on the planet. The ability to communicate with anyone anywhere on planet earth immediately. See images of what is happening in other countries. And even send money across borders. These are all possibilities impossible to imagine less than a century ago.

This has resulted in an explosion in creativity and the speed of progress worldwide. Now that people can, at any time, express their opinions on the most diverse topics, being heard by a global audience.

However, not everything is so perfect when it comes to the Internet. Well, although the Internet has undoubtedly increased the freedom and possibilities of humanity, it is still not completely and absolutely free. Well, the domains used to participate in the normal web, are in the hands of non-profit organizations, companies, or governments.

Thus, although in practice this does not represent an excessive degree of control for Internet users (except in authoritarian countries such as Turkey), it does generate complaints in a certain part of the community. Which would prefer not to see their movements in the network controlled by any entity. Which has led them to create alternatives using Ethereum.

Ethereum and freedom on the Internet

And, among these alternatives created thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain, there are two that stand out. Starting with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), an initiative that seeks to break the existing monopoly on the name of Internet domains. Creating alternative domains based on Blockchain, ending in .eth.

«Our ambition is that ENS, in the long term, improve the technology of the Internet domain name system (…) In practical terms, this means that you can have a name that belongs to you, and that has all the decentralization and resistance to censorship and programmability of Ethereum«Commented the Director of Operations of ENS Brantly Millegan.

The second important initiative that makes use of Ethereum to guarantee freedom is Unstoppable Domains. A project that shares some of the features of ENS, to provide .crypto domains impossible to leave offline by a third party. But complementing this with your own browser.

Thus, the so-called “Web 3.0” projects, would be taking advantage of the platform provided by Ethereum. To create alternatives to the Domain Name System (DNS), hegemonic today. Using the strength of blockchains to build these domain services, resistant to censorship.

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