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Ethereum’s Nimbus is testing a mobile network


Members of the Ethereum infrastructure team, Nimbus, are experiencing their product with a mobile test network. All this while Phase 0 for the cryptocurrency update is progressing.

Founded in 2018, Nimbus is building an Ethereum 2.0 client; In addition to opening a Nimbus testnet to Nimbus in March 2019.

In turn, he received a grant of $ 650,000 from the Ethereum Foundation, all to continue with the investigations of version 2.0 of the network. But this is not all; He recently received a new grant of $ 1.65 million, which increases Nimbus’s commitment to the project.

But, since the beginning of the tests, the developers have found a series of errors in the system. They are currently trying to solve them and cover additional deficiencies. The information is known thanks to the statements of Mamy Ratsimbazafy, network engineer.

Another point to consider is that, currently, a client with all functions needs to ensure that other elements (discovery, peer management, monitoring, performance, automation, etc.) are also robust. Otherwise, the entire project would have major failures.

Currently, the Nimbus Ethereum 2.0 client is running the latest Beacon Chain specification. Ratsimbazafy stated in this regard that:

“The team’s priorities for 2020 are to deliver and participate in a multi-client testnet with desktop and mobile nodes, to audit and secure the customer, to begin implementing phase 1 and phase 2 of Ethereum 2”.

Mobile is the key

But to ensure that the network reaches as many people as possible, Ratsimbazafy ensures that Ethereum 2.0 with Nimbus must have mobile restrictions from scratch.

That is one of the main reasons why the Nimbus team is currently using a mobile network to perform various Ethereum 2.0 tests. So they made it known through a tweet.

“The team of #ethnimbus is currently meeting in Brussels, playing with the first mobile # Eth2 testnet. “

The Nimbus engineer continued explaining the importance of covering the mobile phone sector. Since, in today’s society, this device has become an extremely important product.

“If we want to reach those communities, Blockchain must be mobile. This is even more important since there is often mistrust in centralized services and actors in those parts of the world. ”

Finally, he mentioned that the closer the implementation of the expected “Phase 0” for the Ethereum update is approaching, more and more automated tests will be carried out. All with the objective that this new update brings more benefits to its users.

“As the implementation approaches (Phase 0), we will increase our automated tests to cover a wide range of mobile devices. However, we cannot test all the thousands of phone models that exist. ”

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