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Exchange will be listed on Nasdaq


Crypts continue to occupy ground on the United States exchange. This time, for the first time, an exchange platform will be listed on Nasdaq. This is the cryptocurrency exchange, which will enter the list later this year.

According to research by CoinDesk, the operators of this Hong Kong-based firm announced a merger with a Singapore company. This other company has the name of 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Also, according to it affirms Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, the firm that operates, once the aforementioned acquisition is completed, the company will start operating on Nasdaq, becoming the first cryptocurrency exchange to do so.

Following in the footsteps of manufacturers

As already widely reviewed in CryptoTrend, ASIC equipment manufacturers for Bitcoin mining have a presence on Nasdaq. Is about Canaan Creatives and Ebang, both Chinese-owned companies.

These two manufacturers, although they do not have a dominant position in the sales market, are the only mining companies that participate in the aforementioned New York Stock Exchange.

Although, to date, they have not had an outstanding performance with their actions. It is hoped that with the push of cryptocurrencies, they can recover from the state they are in today.

Now cryptocurrency exchange is following in the footsteps of these two mining machine manufacturers and for the third quarter of the year it would make the Nasdaq list.

Nasdaq could host a cryptocurrency exchange for the first time, this is the recently launched Source: Bloomberg
Nasdaq could host a cryptocurrency exchange for the first time, this is the recently launched Source: Bloomberg

The persistence of cryptocurrency exchange

It should be noted that, as stated above, by the end of the year, the cryptocurrency exchange will be listed on the exchange. However, it is not the first time that the firm seeks to list on Nasdaq. During the first quarter of 2020 there was an attempt to enter.

Thus, Diginex had received an acquisition approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in February. This approval received the vote in March. However, it coincided with the fall of the markets due to the Covid-19 pandemic announced by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In this way, the cryptocurrency exchange, takes the first step in the emergence of these firms on the exchange. The next steps are expected to be taken by other exchange platforms that have already stated their intentions, such as the case of Coinbase, which is making all the preparations to start on the list in 2021.

Another of the companies with intentions to enter the stock market, but this time to that of Hong Kong and Shanghai, is the renowned Ant Group, who is currently one of the main promoters of the CBDC of the People’s Republic of China.

This is how ASIC manufacturers handle Nasdaq

  • The manufacturer Canaan Creatives, listed on Nasdaq since the end of last year 2019, its shares have plummeted since the month of May. At the time of writing, they are located at $ 2.65.
  • For his part, Ebang, entered the list on June 26. In recent weeks, he has seen a recovery in the value of his shares, which are at $ 4.80.

Build trust between investors and users

One of the main reasons that cryptocurrency exchange decided to list on the New York Stock Exchange, apart from the economic one, is its reputation. In other words, having a presence on Nasdaq could generate trust among investors and users.

“The Nasdaq market gives great capacity to build trust and credibility”Byworth said in statements collected by CoinDesk, as it remains the main stock exchange for technology-related stocks.

For this reason, Byworth is optimistic about the future of the firm on the Nasdaq list. He explains that this technological branch has not shown signs of slowing down in the stock market, which, he concluded, is a very positive thing.

Data to consider

  • Diginex, based in Hong Kong, is the firm in charge of operating the company.
  • The company, is the first cryptocurrency exchange to enter the Nasdaq list.
  • Another Exchange, Coinbase, is expected to start trading on Nasdaq by next year 2021.
  • Related to the crypto world, there are two ASIC mining companies that are already listed on the New York Stock Exchange. These are Canaan Creatives and Ebang.

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