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Facebook Financial and digital payments


In this opportunity, Facebook gives us new ways to enter this world of digital technology. And so the project arrives Facebook Financial, from the hand of David marcus, in charge of this new initiative.

Without a doubt, the interconnection between digital technology has been one of the most important technological advances of the last decade. And Facebook experts have been in charge of orchestrating such achievements.

Thus, the Facebook Financial project arrives, which aims to further extend the catalog of possibilities that Facebook offers its users.

David Marcus in charge of Facebook Financial

David Marcus, best known as the co-creator and board member of Libra, a cryptocurrency scheme started by Facebook. Now he will be the leader of this new Facebook project: Facebook Financial.

This idea is focused on the execution of all the payment plans of the company, including Facebook Pay. This is the company’s universal payments feature that it plans to deploy within all of its applications.

In this way, the new Facebook Financial project comes with the aim of ensuring that all of Facebook’s interconnected applications and platforms work as the same “market place”.

This is the latest step in a company-wide effort to bring individual Facebook products and apps closer together.

It seems to be the right thing to do to organize business strategy in everything related to paymentsMarcus explained. Also, consider that if users can make purchases on Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook advertising will be more valuable.

The future of Novi and Facebook’s Libra

And while the new Facebook Financial project promises to grab all the attention, Marcus will continue to run I did not see, formerly called Calibrate.

Which is the division that is developing a digital wallet that will contain the Libra cryptocurrency, as specified in its tweet.

Marcus has clearly focused on getting the Libra plan off the ground as a cryptocurrency for cross-border payments. That has required negotiations with finance companies, and the experience could help with other Facebook payments initiatives.

It is useful to have specific experience in regulating financial services. In order to develop things the right way from the beginning”, Explained Marcus, making a clear signal to the little regulation on the part of financial entities for these platforms.

His clear focus on the libra project allows his new job with the Facebook Financial project to get on the right track. Well, the goal is to get the company to work as a cross-border platform.

Facebook is one of those companies that is not afraid to create trends, and so comes the new Facebook Financial project. That it is just an open mouth to the whole plan of new technologies that Facebook has planned for the future.

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