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Hackers manage to steal 336 Bitcoin from Cashaa


We can’t believe it! Again hackers have made an attack on the crypto exchange Cashaa, of which 336 Bitcoin have been stolen.

New attack on Bitcoin

Just a few hours ago, the British crypto exchange, Cashaa, reported through its Twitter account that it would have suffered an attack with 336 Bitcoin in damages.

In the previous Tweet, Cashaa reports that one of his wallets has been compromised. In addition, they ensure that they have recognized the address to which the funds were transferred.

In this sense, one of the wallets was compromised by malware and hackers managed to withdraw 336 Bitcoin. That’s a lot of money!

However, an interesting detail that we can see in another Tweet published by the crypto exchange, is that he assured that the authorities in Delhi, India, are aware of the situation.

But, come on, why India? We can assume that, for some reason, the company appears to be certain that the hackers are in India, and therefore they provided the complaint to the country’s cyber crime authorities.

Likewise, the complaint form is attached in the Tweet and, in addition, it ensures that all crypto exchanges have been notified about the address of the hacker’s wallet.

What are the actions taken in Cashaa?

Cashaa has assured through his Twitter account that other funds were not committed and, therefore, they assure that they do not have problems with their banking services.

However, as we can expect in situations of this type and by company policy, all withdrawals and transactions on the crypto exchange were temporarily stopped.

Actions that are to be expected after hackers managed to get hold of 336 Bitcoin.

“There is no problem with our banking services… However, we have stopped all encrypted transactions. An emergency board meeting is being held to decide our future actions. We regret the inconvenience caused “, they assured.

Likewise, by publishing the address of the hacker wallet Cashaa has two objectives: First, request the collaboration of other crypto exchanges to prevent the funds from being sold. And secondly, allow the community as a whole to keep track of stolen funds.

Without a doubt, it seems that hackers every day get new techniques and strategies to steal from others. In this sense, each day we must be more careful and cautious.

However, it is important to remember that this is not a problem that comes from Bitcoin. Hackers have always existed in the same way as thieves.

Kumar Gaurav, CEO of Cashaa, assured CoinTelegraph that the entire crypto industry must work together and hard to increase security levels in the sector.

He also added that those crypto exchanges that facilitate money laundering and other financial crimes must be eliminated.

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