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How can the Blockchain help fight global warming?


Fighting global warming is a priority for humanity, therefore concrete projects are required, among these is the Blockchain.

Because it is capable of establishing a unique means that allows measuring and monitoring carbon credits or green energy, fulfilling the goal of stopping carbon emissions and limiting global warming to 1.5 ° C at the end of the century.

Motivated that the blockchain will allow real-world assets to become tokens in the blockchain, and these assets are negotiable, create value and encourage climate change goals set within nations and businesses.

The effects of global warming

First, weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme and less predictable in the seasons of rain, drought and floods, winter and summer.

Second, storms and hurricanes get stronger and sea level rise.

In addition, the ice sheets melt causing the sea level to rise, endangering the islands and coastal areas. Therefore, a high mobilization of people and loss of species from their habitats is generated.

Blockchain can help combat the effects of Global Warming
Blockchain can help combat the effects of Global Warming

Blockchain, the alternative

It is important to recognize that our lifestyle directly affects global warming and that daily decisions are important.

As a result, coalition groups consisting of several NGOs, consulting firms and companies, as well as blockchain associations are being formed. Where the commitment is to work on issues of common interest and help improve environmental integrity.

Who integrate them?

There are currently more countries, industries, public and private financial institutions, ready to ensure that their particular objectives are progressively added together forming a nationally determined contribution (NDC).

Among the most prominent we can mention the Climate Chain Coalition, the Blockchain Climate Institute, the Blockchain for Climate Foundation, Climate Ledger Initiative and CleanTech21, it is expected to have more climate change initiatives.

Blockchain: Initial Goals

For example, carbon pricing and taxes, as well as token-based fundraising for climate change initiatives.

Also that each country join a single blockchain ledger and transparently records its own investments and contributions to climate change.


Global warming requires continuous work, the important thing is that there is a commitment from many countries, which have begun to use Blockchain technology.

However, we are babies advancing every day in the technology itself, but aware that we can achieve a point of maturity in the blockchain, governments and companies.

Demonstrating the true potential of the blockchain impact to reverse climate change.

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