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How many Bitcoins does Joe Biden have?


A few days ago, the virtual world wobbled after a group of hackers managed to take control of the Twitter accounts of several of the world’s leading personalities. All as part of a scam to try to get Bitcoin from users of the crypto market. However, after this event, the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, and one of the victims of the attack, Joe Biden, has revealed how many Bitcoins he owns.

A security problem on Twitter

We all know that the world of the Internet is dangerous. When we start surfing the web, our data is exposed to a whole group of malicious actors, who try to access it for their personal gain. For this reason, we are recommended to take all possible security measures to prevent the leakage of our personal information.

However, neither the world’s longest and most complicated password, nor the two-step verification on Twitter, could have prevented the July 15 Bitcoin scam. Well, this time, hackers did not individually enter the accounts of each of the users involved. Rather, they targeted the social network infrastructure directly instead.

And although the details of how the attackers accomplished this are still unknown at this point. There are several theories about it, including a report from the New York Times in which it is pointed out that a group of teenagers is behind the attack. If something is clear, it is that cybercriminals entered the company’s user control panel, and there are even images of that panel circulating on the Internet.

Joe Biden comments on how many Bitcoins he has, after a cyberattack against the Twitter user panel.
Joe Biden comments on how many Bitcoins he has, after a cyberattack against the Twitter user panel.

Due to this, not only the account of the main crypto influencers fell in the attack. But, in addition, important figures of business and politics, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Joe Biden, saw their accounts intervened. In what appears to be one of the worst attacks on any social network in history.

Joe Biden’s Bitcoins

In order to try to minimize the damage of the attack, Twitter was responsible for suspending the use of compromised accounts, as well as those that could be in danger. Beginning to gradually return control over them, as soon as they managed to verify that they were returned to their original users.

And one of the first accounts to be returned after the attack was that of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Who immediately spoke about the attack through a tweet. In which he not only revealed that he does not own Bitcoin, and that he would never ask his followers to send him any amount of the cryptocurrency. But he also encouraged his followers to donate fiat money for the campaign against Donald Trump:

I don’t have Bitcoin, and I will never ask you to send me any. But if you want to help make Donald Trump a one-term president, you can do it here

With this message, Joe Biden is permanently disassociated from the Bitcoin scam, which was attempted through the attack on Twitter. At the same time that he reaffirmed his commitment to continue the presidential campaign to defeat Donald Trump. Even if cryptocurrencies like BTC are not part of your strategy. What makes this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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